Cabin Fever


    You guys, I have major cabin fever. I know what you are thinking…there isn’t even snow on the ground yet in Minneapolis and it’s only September. I’m not talking about the kind of cabin fever that you get from feeling claustrophobic, when you are isolated or in a solitary location. I’m talking about the kind of cabin fever that comes from planning the purchase of your very own cabin in the woods.

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    The Modern Mom Cut.


    Who has seen the SNL skit on the “mom cut“? Hilarious right? It’s been joked about that  women, once they have children, resort to what some would dub the “mom cut” and some ladies out there may be rocking and owning it. But I feel that there is an emerging group of mom’s that are looking for something that can be easily swept up out of their face when elbow deep in spaghetti stains or trying to keep their locks clear of spit-up, but are still hopeful to be thought of as trend setters all the while. Enter the lob, also known as the long bob. It’s long enough to rock a blow-out with some sexy waves, but easy to be pinned back for those mom moments when hair needs to be tamed when no child can be.

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    Eastman Nature Center


    Maternity leave during the summer definitely has its perks. One of which is being able to spend time outdoors during the day. A few days ago we made a trip to the Eastman Nature Center with some friends and the kids had a great time learning about snapping turtles, honey bees, butterflies and turkeys. We had a picnic lunch and walked around the grounds, where we stumbled upon tree forts and floating boardwalks. The temperature was unseasonably warm for this time of year so I’m happy we were able to take advantage!

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    Fourth Bedroom Addition


    Happy Monday! I have some guest bedroom inspiration for you today. When we purchased our home we were excited at the opportunity to build equity with our investment. Since both my husband and myself are particular about our finishes, and wanted the ability to customize our space, we hunted for an older home that welcomed upgrades and allowed our dollar to work hard for us. Our motto has always been that you can make a home anywhere, but when you purchase a house, it’s all business.

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    The Great Minnesota Get-together


    Summer is officially over and what a whirlwind it was! I wasn’t blogging because I was busy being pregnant in the heat (which is not the most enjoyable thing ever) and then delivering our newest addition, Stella, which of course means getting our bearings as parents of TWO. While our little peanut certainly deserves her own introduction, we really didn’t document her birth as thoroughly as we did with Oliver. Can you say second child syndrome?! Guilty. I’d really just like to jump in where we left off and talk about the state fair because while we’ve lived in Minnesota for four years now (how’d that happen?!), this was the first year where we actually did the fair right. You can read about our first experience with Oliver here and all our horrible mistakes when it comes to this great Minnesota get-together.

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    Life is just right.

    Happy Monday folks! I’m sure a lot of you are working right now but I happened to have taken a “mental health” PTO day and so I find myself wanting to blog. The whole “mental health” day sounds more dramatic than it is. I have a few days I plan to burn before officially going out on maternity leave and let’s just say I feel that the atmosphere at work is very “calm before the storm” right now and I wanted to take advantage. That and last week I was traveling to Kansas City, MO for work and the time commitment was pretty demanding and felt a three day weekend would help me recover. Which btw, Kansas City, not what I expected. It’s a very cute little city, blooming tulips and all, and had some stellar places to eat (read: BBQ). I was quite impressed with all the work the city has undergone in the last ten years or so and it wasn’t at all what I had judged it to be before making the trip. (Note to self: NO judging!)

    Life lately has been great. To those of you readers who are not my friends & family (is there anyone left?!?), we are expecting baby #2 and are pretty stoked to announce it is a GIRL!


    This week will mark 27 weeks, time is FLYING by and a part of me wishes I had captured more of the pregnancy on the blog since it is such a look back in time for our family. But you know what, I’m sure I’ll remember and frankly, we have been so busy working and raising Oliver that blogging consistently is and has always been a struggle. I have to remember that I just need to write…THAT’S IT. So that’s what I’m doing today. I have got to remember just to WRITE more when I’m feeling the mood strike.

    It is officially spring in Minnesota which feels ah-mazing. It’s crazy how much you take the warm weather for granted when you don’t have a solid 5 months of cold temps. We are now entering the next 7 months that I absolutely love and Chris can attest to the attitude adjustment just by turning on the sprinklers for the first time. (It’s seriously my favorite sound!) With the warmer weather and longer days I find myself invigorated to spend more time on this little hobby of mine. While I always have the best intentions, I have a few things I would love to capture here this summer. One of which being the birth of our daughter but also some of our upcoming house projects that we always have more energy to tackle during this time of year.

    I’m hoping to get the majority of the projects done in April and May, seeing as how we will mainly want to be outside all weekend long come June and July. The two biggest projects we have going are replacing our carpet on the stairs and upstairs bedrooms and obviously the nursery. Oh nursery planning, there is nothing better. A kid area is seriously the most fun to design. Besides that it’s really just smaller tasks, like painting the inside of a coat closet or two, a fireplace makeover and finishing our bedroom that we painted last year with the fun details: art, throws, decor, etc. That alone is a tall order in the next two months, but we’ll give it a go. I know there will be a drastic productivity plunge once baby girl arrives and I’m fine with that.

    It’s after 2:00 pm and I wanted to get a walk in with the dog and maybe some reading before picking Oliver up from school, so I’m going to sign off for now, hope everyone’s week is off to a good start!