Oliver’s Big Kid Room, Inspiration.


If you have been following the massive renovation we have been undertaking at our new, little modern ranch, you may (or may not) know that Oliver’s room will be on the main level with some of the common areas like the kitchen and family room. It’s with much apprehension that I’m taking this step as he still seems like my baby, but he’s getting older and his room really doesn’t lend itself to be a master suite and Stella is clearly too little to be on a floor by herself. Thankfully we are talking literal feet in terms of distance that he’ll be separated as the house is more or less a split-level but I know as he continues to get older he will crave a little space of his own and so I am relinquishing all my mom fears and letting his sleep a whopping 20 feet away from us.

Below are some inspiration photos that I love because they depict clean lines, they are free of clutter, still youthful but also carefully curated and elevated.

I want him to feel as comfortable with the situation as possible and so I’ve been trying to get him excited about planning his new big kid room. Now, Oliver at the ripe old age of six doesn’t exactly have the same level of appreciation for design as his mama, but I certainly want him to be involved in the process. I know he likes blue and greens and he’s been asking for a bunk bed for years now. We have several nice pieces of art from Minted that we have in storage that I for sure can’t wait to hang back up along with a dresser that has modern lines and happens to be his dad’s growing up. I’ve been more or less building his room in my head but I thought it was time to put pen to paper (or mouse to photoshop rather) and put together a mood board to confirm my direction.


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