A Familiar Tune for 2018

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Without fail around this time of year I always circle back to this blog and question how to move forward with it. I am one who loves a start to a fresh, new year and always find myself reinvigorated to get back to blogging in the month of January. Without looking back I can tell you that in 2017 I posted less times than I can count on one hand, which is probably the biggest indicator of my lack of available time for this little space I created more than 5 years ago. Five years! That’s nuts.

I’ve read that a blog should have focus, a niche. One direction in which it produces content and attracts like-minded readers. Maybe that is the best way to be successful but that just sounds plain boring. I like to write about what  is inspiring me and that could range from building a gallery wall of photos to some new sneakers that I just can’t stop thinking about.

For 2018 I hope to continue documenting our updates around our house, what I’m digging as it relates to all things kiddos and style trends, along with a few token recipes that make me feel like I can actually cook.

Also, for those that are curious, there WILL be a reveal of the half bathroom that took us MONTHS to finish remodeling. Catch up on the two prior posts below here and here.

To get reacquainted with who actually writes this blog, hop over here to read more…

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