Friday Links // Halloween Edition


It is once again my favorite time of year, Halloween weekend! I love this holiday for all it’s spookiness and obvious treats but even more so since moving into our house a few years ago. We have a great neighborhood for all our kids to trick or treat and the fact that their parents are the best neighbors makes things even better.

This weeks’ posting on the blog was fairly lame. It felt like a busier week than normal, filled with play dates, taking care of some mundane tasks including visiting the DMV and we are all at the tail end of colds. Next week I hope to share some fun additions to your Thanksgiving table, along with how we have finally hung some family photos throughout the house, and the impact it has made.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Closet-I love when festive wear can be chic. Interior Designer, Jillian Harris does it right with this skeleton sweater. I love that it’s not loud with a bright orange hue. It’s understated ya know…with bedazzle.

Palette-I’m all in favor of signature cocktails…at a wedding, party, toddler birthday etc. (I’m only half kidding of being in favor of alcohol at children’s birthday’s). The best recipes in my opinion are minimal ingredients with some creative flair to mimic the event. I love this Black Magic Punch for Halloween get- togethers!

Kiddo-I’ve seen Halloween candy houses popping up here and there and I am in favor of expanding on the Christmas gingerbread tradition. Why limit these delectable house crafting activities to just one holiday? Where are the St. Patrick’s Day houses? Valentine’s? They should seriously consider one for when Daylight Savings stops, because that’s around the time my binge holiday eating starts.

Space-Love this modern take on Halloween party decorating with black and white and only a hint of orange and yellow. It looks super sharp and bright. We will probably follow this color palette for our upcoming Halloween pizza party.

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