Cabin Fever


You guys, I have major cabin fever. I know what you are thinking…there isn’t even snow on the ground yet in Minneapolis and it’s only September. I’m not talking about the kind of cabin fever that you get from feeling claustrophobic, when you are isolated or in a solitary location. I’m talking about the kind of cabin fever that comes from planning the purchase of your very own cabin in the woods.

Growing up my parents had a cabin and it was where we spent almost every Labor Day, along with multiple long weekends throughout the year, whether it be summer or winter. I have a lot of great memories from what we called “Camp Morton” and I’m excited to create a lot of the same traditions we enacted with my kids.

Our plan would be to purchase a definite fixer-upper. Something with lake access (not a shortage in the glorious state of Minnesota) and something SMALL. Purchasing a small house on a decent lot would allow us to really spend our dollar making sure every square inch was that of quality. Whether that be folding doors out to a deck for coffee in the morning, large scale windows to really let nature be the backdrop or architectural elements that we would not normally execute in our suburban house.


With a smaller cabin, the kids would definitely “bunk up” (literally). None of this every kid gets their own room business. I envision the cabin as a place we retreat to as a family. Where close quarters mean close conversations, game playing and bonding away from technology.



Equally as important as the interior of the house, is the outside. Late night bonfires and bringing the elements of the indoors, OUTSIDE would be ideal.




An A-frame house plan would be ideal for huge windows to see those snow covered pines, but I’d settle for something smaller and more box oriented as well. Generally I just want it to have modern and sleek lines, easy to clean and minimalist decor. Sticking with real estate for investment purposes pays off double when you are able to create lasting memories with your loved ones at the same time…let the planning begin!


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