The Great Minnesota Get-together


Summer is officially over and what a whirlwind it was! I wasn’t blogging because I was busy being pregnant in the heat (which is not the most enjoyable thing ever) and then delivering our newest addition, Stella, which of course means getting our bearings as parents of TWO. While our little peanut certainly deserves her own introduction, we really didn’t document her birth as thoroughly as we did with Oliver. Can you say second child syndrome?! Guilty. I’d really just like to jump in where we left off and talk about the state fair because while we’ve lived in Minnesota for four years now (how’d that happen?!), this was the first year where we actually did the fair right. You can read about our first experience with Oliver here and all our horrible mistakes when it comes to this great Minnesota get-together.

This year we hopped a city bus, which if you asked Ollie was the highlight of the trip. This was our first decision that turned out to be better than the previous year when we drove. That and we left the house promptly at 9:00 a.m. in hopes of beating the late afternoon heat.

Oliver loved all the rides and luckily since it was the last day of the fair we didn’t hit any real lines. We also hit the petting farms and clocked a good many steps, leisurely enjoying the day and all the fair had to offer. I can say after our successful family outing I am OK with letting summer go and looking forward to fall and all that comes with my second favorite season!



This is one of my favorite pictures of the day. Oliver won those sunglasses from a Mazda promotional game and was so proud he hardly took them off. I can’t believe how BIG he looks in this photo! Also if you look really closely he’s wearing a snap bracelet (remember those!?) and he calls it his watch. I just love that.




Chris got a gyro and said it was as authentic as he’s ever come across in the U.S. Oliver and I went with heavy appetites as well and every intention of snacking our way through the fair. I had Martha’s cookies for breakfast, a corn dog and fries for lunch, some cheese curds (it’s a thing) and a big fat smore for dessert. I have to say I was diligent about eating all that I could get my hands on prior to being cleared to work-out again after giving birth, and consequently eating better. Next year we really do need to branch out more and try something like fried alligator on a stick, which is actually offered.



Stella and I took a break from the heat and let the boys ride some of the rides solo. She was a total trooper and slept pretty much the majority of the time. It never hit above 85 degrees and for that I was thankful. Most years it’s just too hot to take a baby, but we lucked out. PS. Don’t mind the second day hair (LOVE me a hat!) and bags under my eyes. Stella is 7 weeks and starting to sleep better through the night but it’s still been almost a solid 2 months since I’ve gotten close to an 8-hour stretch.


Mom and Dad selfie moment! Ollie is not amused.


Till next year state fair!

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  • Reply Michelle

    So happy to see a new post! Your face in the last pic is priceless.

    September 9, 2016 at 2:54 pm
  • Reply Shelly

    Another great read…I missed you and look forward to the next. Hugs!!

    September 10, 2016 at 12:36 pm
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