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So I’m just going to slip this post in like I haven’t been a non-blogger since early 2015. If you are new to the site or curious as to where the direction of this blog is heading, feel free to check the “About” page. With that out of the way, let’s focus on this semi “new” trend I’ve been drawn to. Frankly, the idea of painting a wall only halfway is appealing for a lot of reasons, but a major reason is the fact that it takes a lot less energy than painting an entire wall, am I right? We’ve done a handful of projects around our house (some I’ve blogged about and some I haven’t yet) and I’ve noticed that as I think of what to do next, I really want to find a way to take it to the next level. Painting a wall a striking color, sure…that’s impactful. But painting it only halfway? Or giving it some texture? Game changer. We have pretty much painted every room in our house since moving in with the EXCEPTION of the bathrooms, which initially I wanted to just gut and felt like any major effort spent in those dated rooms would be a waste. But seeing as how we’ve almost lived in this house for 2 years and the bathroom renovations don’t seem to be in the near future, I’m second guessing this strategy.

To sum up, I’m thinking heavily on how to incorporate this half-way painted look either into our upstairs guest bathroom (aka Oliver’s bathroom) and/or our narrow entry way from the garage that is begging for some life and color.

What are your thoughts on the half-painted look?




Townhouse renovation in Brooklyn, New York.

Townhouse renovation in Brooklyn, New York.


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