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Tulips are back in the grocery stores! That my friends is a $9 bouquet of happiness.

Is it just me or is this year already whizzing by. I’m conflicted because a part of me absolutely wants the freezing temps to lift, the snow to melt and to frolic in the awesomeness of summer, but I also need time to slow down. Oliver turned two yesterday and I felt like I practically blinked and he aged a year. With so much on our calendar these days it seems like more and more we talk in terms of months (even years!) than in weeks or days.  Funny how that happens when you get older right? I took a few pictures of our basement progress over the weekend…but it was overcast and they didn’t turn out very well. I’m excited to say that it’s definitely safe for the entire family to be down there now and we are basically living in our basement. I promise to try again soon and toss an update your way. For now, here is just a few snapshots from my iphone of life lately. Hope you enjoy your week!

2 Horsing around at the Maple Grove community center!


Having the hardest time dialing in some edge to our living room…more on this progression soon!


Had friends and their littles over to the house to celebrate Oliver turning 2!


He’s 2…how did this happen?!?


Ladies brunch where the food was good but the drinks (and prices!) were better :)

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