Giving your wall some clothes.


Sometimes I wonder if a gallery wall will ever be the equivalent of the “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster…or chevron (we all jumped on that train didn’t we? guilty!) But then I think, how can something so magical as a gallery wall ever become tiresome? Especially when there are SO many variations. I’m officially claiming 2015 as the year of the gallery walls (in our home at least). The walls in our house have been super neglected (so naked!) and I think having some pieces hung would add instant warmth to our overall luke warm spaces. Everything in my house feels about half finished to me, so I think I’m going to bite the bullet and get to hanging and see if that helps!

Getting started on a gallery wall is so not easy in my book. It’s one of the reasons we have bare walls in the first place. You have to nail down (pun intended) which configuration you want to hang the photographs, then there is the buying of the frames (which ain’t cheap am I right?) and then pinpointing which family photographs (free, yay!) you want to print (there’s that ugly price tag again if it’s large) or what kind of art to buy which can almost depend on the other pieces in the gallery. Complicated right?

I am a devote follower of the blog, Chris loves Julia, because I think she is down to earth, does realistic projects, and I love her aesthetic. She recently posted about just starting a gallery wall and to get going! It gave me the motivation I need, because like her I think having family photographs around the house is pure joy, especially when Oliver changes at lightening speed. Unlike her I won’t be hanging them one by one, ONLY because that might drive me completely nuts but I do think I will start pulling the trigger on some art, blowing up some family photos and keeping my eye on frames on sale. These Ribba frames from Ikea are an amazing deal!

There are a few areas in the house in which I would like to have a gallery wall of photos. One is behind our TV console in our living room (which is where I’d like to start), one is in the dining room and a few hallways could use some love too. Here are some inspiration images I’ve been honing in on… 5f01c8554864d3cd1cf1086905be6bc3 af63879bd381e033107c9f8c58b452c9 56acac538a980629d9a5e528b80e7c65 fc5c3f6f8a06d150e3f1c12dce987222 721a616ee7eff7ffd6a0ec6b3a395c7a b1d47affcea48931daa5f9d5209a8831 I really like a mix of both family photos and art, and lately I’m loving the mixing of material in frames. It makes things far more visually interesting to have a few tones throughout and easier too eh? It just feels more curated and natural. It comes off as warm and less monochromatic. a208acd1e9dcd1cb46f1c1a62fd5766d There is a huge blank space over our living room couch (well scratch that, there was until we purchased a HUGE iron clock that I do love) but I’m digging the large scale art over a couch lately. Like, really digging. To the point that the clock may have to find a new home so shortly after moving in, but thankfully its a very transitional decor piece. Maybe it will stay, maybe it will move, but it will def. always have a home on one of our walls. 6c5e308d672482ee3257f7b2306997fb 7d653e36b98d8fd321bd493b3e2ca897 So that’s a little of the direction I’m heading. I think we could tackle four gallery walls this year, so stay tuned for those project updates-Here’s to printing memories! Images borrowed: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9

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