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So here I am, first post of 2015….on January 13th. Resolution to be a better blogger??…NAILED IT. (yea right) I feel that I have two great excuses for my tardiness, one was rolling into the new year with the flu (yea!) and the second was the painting and rewiring of the electrical in the basement, of course got off schedule because of it. But things are looking up! We have finished painting and finished putting in the recessed lighting. We have also replaced all the outlets and covers but still need to get to the door knobs. I always wrestle with showing pictures of a project before it’s done. I think it takes away from the before and after reveal, but like I’ve said before I’m trying to push myself to show more of the process. After all I appreciate that in other blogs I follow, so maybe you would to? So here is a little bit of Oliver’s new play area!

IMG_9224 Let’s talk about this light for a second… IMG_9216 I’m pretty much in love with it and I think the size of it fits the space perfectly. When Chris was putting the recessed lighting in the rest of the basement we refrained from adding it to Oliver’s play space. I knew I wanted some kind of drop down pendant and I wasn’t sure at the time which light we would use or if we would need recessed lighting. Now that we have this one in place I think we both feel another two recessed lights would work for the play area of the basement, and now that Chris has tackled it in the main area, two more should be no problem. So we still need to implement those. Next up is that Ikea map. (It still needs to be hung by the way) Also a special shout out to my SIL who helped put that bookshelf together when Chris was away…you rock! IMG_9212 I have always liked the look of this map but never really had a place to put it in the past. I thought it would be great here, covering a good bit of the wall and bringing in some other colors. I like the idea of teaching your kids that the world is a big place from the get go too. It’s important for them to know of different cultures and a little geography lesson early on doesn’t hurt either. Let me tell you though, I have a love/hate relationship with Ikea. You actually have to put this thing together. I curse you Ikea…but I’ll be back I’m sure. IMG_9215 IMG_9203 The table and chair set we have down there now is temporary. Chris still wants to build a nice wooden one that will be much larger and allow him to play with his train set that he got for Christmas. I’ve been looking around for kid chairs and right now these are my favorite from Overstock. But at least until the new table is built he can use the current set up to color or play cars. I also have to say that we are really happy with the color. It’s exactly how I pictured it in my head and I like how sometimes it looks blue and sometimes it looks grey. It’s Benjamin Moore Marina Gray but it’s lightened by 25%. So there you have it, this is where we are at. There is still a lot left to do, things to hang and that bookshelf needs some major love. I wish I could let him play down here but truth be told, we still have some work to do on the “other” side as well. It’s in a bit of shambles and down right dangerous at this point. Really the mess just needs to be cleaned up from our painting and electrical work and then the couches need to be put in place, along with a few other odds and ends that we have moved down here from the main living room. I’ll be focusing on finishing Oliver’s area this month and making it a safe place for him to play down in the basement. I’m sure we will utilize the other side but it may be a few more months before that is deemed “complete.” I still need to try and do some research on vintage posters and how we want to finish up the adult space. Still perusing…. IMG_9220 See? It’s a wreck. Ignore the mess and just look at the recessed lights!! This picture doesn’t show it but there is a method to the madness in terms of how the lights are positioned. I sware it’s all equal distance and when turned on there are no shadows in the lighting. This picture doesn’t do a good job at showing Chris’s hard work but it’s made the biggest difference. IMG_9209 Here is a picture of Ollie after waking up from his nap. I went to show him the progress we had made and he said, “wowwww” which kinda melted my heart and made all the man hours spent worth it. Plus, he’s looking so BIG, I can’t handle it!

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  • Reply Jessica

    It looks amazing! Every part of it. And Ollie looks like he has grown overnight!!

    January 14, 2015 at 12:15 am
  • Reply Transitioning the Living Room | Wasting Time Wisely

    […] going to toss one of the end tables for a floor lamp. The Ikea pendant we got for Oliver’s play area is just too good, so I’d like to purchase the same model type floor lamp upstairs in our […]

    February 23, 2015 at 12:53 pm
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