Our Christmas Traditions


It’s Christmas week! I’m both excited and a little bummed. I love the holidays but they always seem to fly by so quickly. Chris’s mom is flying in tonight so we are very much looking forward to her visit. My sister in law Michelle will be staying over as well on Christmas eve and we will be making a roast.  Christmas morning we will make a huge breakfast for everyone and drink mimosas. Nobody needs to shower or even change out of their p.j.’s and “The Christmas Story” movie plays on repeat in the background for most of the day. This is how our holiday goes, whether there is 10 house guests or just us. With Oliver almost 2, traditions seem to be even more important than they were before. To say that we are all looking forward to his reaction on Christmas morning is an understatement. Last year he didn’t really know what was going on and this year, while he doesn’t quite get who Santa is, he will absolutely understand getting new toys to play with! I can only imagine it gets better and better the older they get.

I am really looking forward to the downtime and spending the next few days with my family.

What are some of your holiday traditions?! Are there any that we should adopt? :)

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