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Hey! I hope all of your holiday seasons are going great! This year has flown by so fast and the month of December is no exception. I feel (just like everyone else) that Christmas came super quick after Thanksgiving this year. It took us to about now, but we finally have the house decorated (inside & out) Christmas presents purchased, holiday cards sent and now we can actually relax for the week that is left before the season ends. Oy! I use the term “relax” rather loosely though as we will be taking our house rehab efforts down to the basement over the time off. Right now it’s a space that we hardly use. It has a few of Ollie’s toys down there but generally we stay on the main level as there is nowhere to sit and it’s not an inviting area of the house. I don’t even think Ollie cares to be down there much. Ultimately we had been waiting till the end of the year to replace all the carpet upstairs, but Chris has convinced me that the money would be better spent on making the basement an area we can all hang out. I have to agree seeing as how it’s December in Minnesota and we still have many more months of entertaining ourselves inside. We need all the livable square feet we can get. Here’s a few pictures (of the right and left side), again from the MLS. It looks like this currently, minus all the furniture.

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It’s a pretty nice sized space and the carpet is in great condition. I wish we could demo the soffits on the ceiling but we really can’t since they are framing the duct work/HVAC system. All we really need to do is paint, swap out all the door knobs and replace the track lighting with recessed lighting, which is what we will be doing over the next two weeks. I haven’t picked a color yet but I’m thinking it will be something light and airy, since it’s a basement, I don’t want it to feel too dark. While it’s one large space there is definite sides (a  left side and a right side). Our plan is to make one side more of a media type space using our current living room set, maybe some built-ins we do ourselves or something purchased. Other than the photo below I haven’t seen too many images that get me inspired. While the picture below has dark colored walls, I do like the play on vintage sports décor. I’d like to either purchase some snow shoes like pictured or maybe some canoe paddles to place on the wall. I also love the vintage framed posters and pillows.



I’ve been more focused on Oliver’s play area and have found much more exciting inspiration on that front. Chris is going to build him a small table that he can choose to play with his cars on or do art, but there are definite bookshelf plans and just a general space to “house” all of his toys, books, etc. Right now most of everything lives in his room or our living room in baskets. We want him to have a larger “play” area and so half the basement will definitely be his!

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So the overall goal is to make it a fun, functional family space where all of us like to hang out, Oliver can have play dates and the family has more room within the house to keep us from getting cabin fever! One of my goals in 2015 is to get around to taking the pictures of Oliver’s finished room as well as the progress on the dining room. It is not lost on me that I keep leaving you hanging with projects!

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