My Favorite Cookbooks

cookbooktitle In the digital age that we live in now it’s easy to conjure up a recipe on your tablet or even mobile phone, but I feel a certain nostalgia for cookbooks. For one, I don’t feel as bad smudging the pages with messy fingers as much as I loathe trying to scroll down on my ipad with my elbow. But also they add a lived in and colorful ensemble, provide visually stunning food photography and remind me of the days when I use to watch my mother cook from some of the very editions I have in my kitchen today. Below is a list of some of my recent favorites!
producebible 1. The Produce Bible: Celebrating the explosion of interest in locally grown and hand-picked produce, this comprehensive volume features 200 recipes that bring out the special qualities of each ingredient, from tender spring peas to earthy autumnal tubers. In addition, the book is filled with practical advice on how to choose, store, and prepare fresh produce, as well as basic cooking techniques, nutritional information, and suggestions for companion foods.
Aroundthetable 2. Around the Table: Dozens of stunning color photos invite readers into Martina’s home and around her table all through the year. With this delightful entertaining cookbook, fans everywhere can join in the fun, whether it’s a Red, White, and Blue Backyard Cookout, a Retro Valentine’s Day Supper Club or a night of Mistletoe and Martinis. Chock full of personal anecdotes and memories, this delightful keepsake is infused with Martina’s girl-next-door spirit and irresistible charm.
tupelo 3. Tupelo Honey Cafe: Heralding in its own unique style of cuisine representative of the New South, the Tupelo Honey Cafe salutes the love of Southern traditions at the table, but like the people of Asheville, marches to its own drum. The result is a cookbook collection of more than 125 innovative riffs on Southern favorites, illustrated with four-color photographs of the food, restaurant, locals, farmers’ markets, and farms, in addition to black-and-white archival photography of Asheville.
JOY 4. Joy of Cooking: This 75th edition restores the personality of the cookbook, reinstating popular elements such as the grab-bag Brunch, Lunch, and Supper chapter and chapters on frozen desserts, cocktails, beer and wine, canning, salting, smoking, jellies and preserves, pickles and relishes, and freezing foods. Fruit recipes bring these favorite ingredients into all courses of the meal, and there is a new grains chart. There are even recipes kids will enjoy making and eating, such as Chocolate Dipped Bananas, Dyed Easter Eggs, and the ever-popular Pizza.
bdaycakes 5. Birthday Cakes for Kids: Annie Rigg shows you how to make various cake mixes in different quantities, as well as frostings and decorations for fabulous but effortless cakes. She then takes you through some Simple cakes such as Princess Cupcakes, a Meringue Mountain, and a just Fantastic Chocolate Cake to end all chocolate cakes! Chapters on Animals, Transport, Fantasy, and Wildlife offer all sorts of cake ideas for novice and confident bakers alike.

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