Dining room progress & pitfalls

Hey, hey! Thanksgiving is around the corner and I’m not sure we are going to be able to consider our dining room “done” before the big turkey day. As frustrating as it is to miss deadlines, I’m trying to remind myself that while targets are nice to have, we also don’t want to rush something that isn’t working. Right now, in it’s current state, the space isn’t working. I’m trying to be better about documenting the “process” and so here it goes-our dining room progress (I’ll discuss the “pitfalls” momentarily)…

IMG_8857 OK, so what’s happened…I did purchase the West Elm, Eclipse Chandelier and I do love it. It wasn’t easy to get at all. Our local store didn’t have it in stock, it’s being discontinued so they won’t be getting any more and online had it back ordered till after November. I ended up finding one at a Chicago location and ultimately they let me purchase it just as if I was ordering it from their website. Also, we purchased a rug! I flip flopped between the one you see here and the West Elm Herringbone rug, but ultimately there was a 75% off sale at RugsUSA which I couldn’t pass up and I did fall in love with it after seeing it on this blog. Plus, the West Elm rug was an 8 x 10 which really would have probably been a little too big, the one we got fits nicely at 7′ 6″ x 9′ 6″ and it was a steal, let’s be honest.
IMG_8789 IMG_8788 So now…the pitfalls…for one, the chandelier needs to be dropped down significantly. That’s an easy fix, thankfully it can adjust from 30-66″ so we just need to drop it more at eye level, right now it’s just sitting too high.

IMG_8792 Next problem…those blank walls, specifically the back wall. I can’t make up my mind with what to do with it. I’m leaning towards three or four long picture ledges with leaning frames in various sizes. We may still attempt this before Thanksgiving, but I’m not holding my breath that we can pull it off. Even if we do, there is still the annoying wall to the right that competes with the back wall (see below). Ultimately I’m assuming we’ll either put a simple buffet or maybe a large scale piece of art. Either way, the wall real estate in this room is not doing me any favors. IMG_8808 IMG_8802 So there you have it, my headache. I’m hoping that either genius will strike or my parents will just enjoy the low lit magical lighting thanks to the chandelier and once we get the linens, tableware, etc pulled together it will make the room look less stark. We’ll see…as usual, a work in progress. It’s easy to get discouraged but I still think the room as a whole has come a long way….see the original photos here.



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