Bring it On!

Anyone else listening to the Love Actually soundtrack while at work?! No?….Just me?

I am PUMPED about the holidays this year, and maybe listening to Christmas music in early November is jumping the gun a little, but to me Thanksgiving and Christmas are always kinda rolled up in one giant awesome timeframe.

Maybe it’s that it will be our first holiday season in our home, or that Halloween was an accidental tradition in the making, with friends from the neighborhood enjoying pizza with their kiddos before setting out for the candy raid. Either way, I woke up the day after Halloween more excited than I can remember about family time, crackling fires, amazing soundtracks and movies I’ve seen a million times on TV.

Bring on the Holidays. BRING IT ON. But I guess before we do, I have to share our little Christopher Robin, if for no other reason than to document it here for us. Probably one of the easier costumes, thankfully, I was pretty happy with my honey pot that I made him, that lasted all but two minutes before cracking on the cement. I don’t know what I was thinking using a ceramic pot.

There has been some dining room progress so can’t wait to share all that good stuff with you next week!

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