Operation Thanksgiving!

dingingroommoodboard_final It is exactly one month till my parents fly in from California to visit us for Thanksgiving and while this is not our very first time hosting Thanksgiving (it’s our second) it IS our first time in our new home with an actual dining room. It’s pretty much the hosting equivalent to the Olympics, let’s be honest. With that said, we’ve had our minds on getting the dining room as finalized as possible before the big event and above is the mood board I’ve been working off of (it always helps me to visualize everything at once.)

But let’s step back and take a look at where we are in the process. Here are a few before pictures with the previous owners decor, thanks to the original MLS listing.

9 10 11 What we have done so far is painted the walls and trim, swapped out the door knobs, Chris built our beautiful dining room table and we recently pulled the trigger (after many sleepless nights) and decided on some beautiful dining chairs from World Market.
Untitled-1 So what’s left on the docket?! Here is our 30-day run down list of things we need to get accomplished in the next month:

1.)    Replace the chandelier. While in excellent condition and probably moderately priced is just not our style. I have my eye on this guy over at West Elm, and thanks to a 15% off birthday coupon from them this month, I’m hoping to secure it.

2.) Purchase table décor, i.e. runner, chargers, napkins, etc.

3.)   I have been lusting after these drapes from Martha & Ash, and while I still would love to buy a pair of panels from them, I don’t think we will be able to do it over the next thirty days. I think reproducing some “place holder” curtains that look similar may be an easy DIY project one weekend, fingers crossed I’m not underestimating.

4.)   Purchase a rug, it will immediately warm up the space and tie everything together. A rug is like paint, it can do SO much for a room. It will all depend on how much I can get my act together on this one. We have a few household and baby things we’ve been meaning to put on Craigslist. Maybe this rug will be the final push I need to get these things listed!

5.)    Get something on those walls! They are looking extremely bare right now. Right now we are gravitating towards a black and white frame collage along the backwall.

Bonus Item!

*I really haven’t seen a buffet or sidebar table that has struck me as the “right” piece as of yet. So some research is needed on this front. I almost wonder if once the entire room is done it will then be easier to pick out. It would be nice if we could build something or purchase something before Thanksgiving but we already have a pretty tall order for the next month-so we’ll see…






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  • Reply Jessica

    Oooooooo LOVE it! Chairs are gorg. I have the same feelings about buffets :)

    October 21, 2014 at 7:07 pm
  • Reply Dining room progress & pitfalls | Wasting Time Wisely

    […] Next problem…those blank walls, specifically the back wall. I can’t make up my mind with what to do with it. I’m leaning towards three or four long picture ledges with leaning frames in various sizes. We may still attempt this before Thanksgiving, but I’m not holding my breath that we can pull it off. Even if we do, there is still the annoying wall to the right that competes with the back wall (see below). Ultimately I’m assuming we’ll either put a simple buffet or maybe a large scale piece of art. Either way, the wall real estate in this room is not doing me any favors. So there you have it, my headache. I’m hoping that either genius will strike or my parents will just enjoy the low lit magical lighting thanks to the chandelier and once we get the linens, tableware, etc pulled together it will make the room look less stark. We’ll see…as usual, a work in progress. It’s easy to get discouraged but I still think the room as a whole has come a long way….see the original photos here. […]

    November 10, 2014 at 11:12 pm
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