How annoying is it that I’m not consistent? I mean really…you can be honest.

Recently I was forced to remember that I can’t count all my blessings on two hands or sets of toes, and that’s not me bragging, that is me being grateful. It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily grind, to disregard the simplest moments and to take your loved ones for granted.

Life is hectic, but it’s also fleeting and from what I can tell the point is to love and be loved.

On that note I’ve got nothing for ya this week-nada. I’m only going to halfway blame this on my Photoshop issues I’m having, but the other half is just us being busy. September is oddly jam packed with stuff. Some good, some great, some just obligatory. I will say that I’ve got good material in the pipeline for you, like posts that are actually worthy of you even visiting. But bare with me as I touch base casually in between these so-called revolutionary blog posts.

So in an effort to give you folks some reading material, I have tracked down a few things that have kept me going (inspiration-wise) this week!

Have you guys heard of Chatbooks? It’s a pretty great way to get your Instagram photos off your device and into your hands and honest to God it’s $6 for 60 pages and free shipping. I’ve been playing around with trying to make some seasonal ones (spring, summer, fall, winter)-how would you organize yours?

This children’s book makes me giggle-you should get a copy.

This kitchen has given me a new appreciation for oak. Which is helpful seeing as how we live in the Midwest and all…

Need a photographer? Carpet installation? Kitchen counter tops? Plumber? Thumbtack is a neat website that allows vendors to come to you with their quotes, based off your job. It’s a great way to source pricing of projects, and they are all local to your area. It makes it so much easier for hunting down quotes. We’ve used it numerous times since buying our house.

One of the better hair tutorials I’ve seen to get great, natural and effortless waves with your curling iron. I even bought the Garnier Fructis De-Contructed texture tease. #Dontjudge 

The recipe to the pie that I made last week, which I highly recommend! I need more practice with the graham cracker crust and overall presentation but the taste was beyond amaze.



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