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Yesterday morning Ollie woke up at 5:30 a.m. A good half hour before my alarm was about to go off, ya know…just the right amount of time to where I couldn’t get back to sleep once I had tide him over with his weight in cheerios and put about every toy he owns in his crib to keep him occupied till I could finish getting ready. Once out of the shower and dressed we start the dance of getting him dressed. Which pretty much takes me straddling him on the bed to get his t-shirt and shorts on. These days he thinks it’s so funny to roll off his changing table and run away from me while laughing hysterically and so we’ve reverted to the bed, where I can properly restrain him. You’d think this would annoy me, but it doesn’t. You have to see his roll, it’s damn near acrobatic and done with such a fantastic grin that I can’t help but laugh.

After getting him dressed I take him (and Henry, his bunny of course) down stairs to get his shoes on. Thankfully I am prepared with another to-go bag of cheerios to distract him,  both while I lace his shoes up and the five minute car ride to daycare where he may scream for my keys which are IN the ignition in order for us to get from point A to point B. Lately I’ve realized that if I ask him questions he will refrain from trying to gravitate towards every object he can not have and I’ve really grown to love our morning conversations. Especially since “yes” seems to be his favorite word. So I can pretty much ask him anything I want and the answer will be “yes!”

“Ollie, are you excited to go to school today?”  “Yes!”
“Ollie, what are you going to do at school?” “Yes!”
“Will you miss mommy?” “Yes!”
“Ollie, will you sleep in tomorrow?” “Yes!”
False promises.

We arrive at school and I punch in the security code to get in, well actually, HE punches the code or rather I HELP him push the code to get us in. Once in, I pretty much look around feeling like the worst mom ever for having to leave him at daycare for an entire day of his life. He looks up at me like he gets it but wishes the same.

Work goes by and it’s finally time to pick him up from daycare. It is my favorite time of day. I pull up and he’s already in the window smiling. He watches me as I walk towards the entrance and by the time I go to open the door to his classroom he’s standing there with arms wide open (and Henry usually dangling out of his mouth). We embrace and then it’s generally a tough ride home as he’s cranky and in need of a snack and already over my presence. I do all but speed (OK, I speed a little) to try and get us there as quick as possible but still in one piece.

I give him a yogurt or banana or anything BUT cheerios to keep his little belly full long enough to where we can get dinner cooking. Chris grills some chicken and invites him to help. He is adamant about bringing “Dada” the plate he needs outside and walks it so carefully over to Chris, I’m pretty sure it took 20 minutes. Ollie is a pretty good eater for the most part, but he is getting pickier. I’m forced as a mom to walk the fine line of avoiding forcing him to eat and you know, keeping him from showing bone. So if you are wondering what that looks like, it’s usually me running around with food on a fork making airplane noises and sputtering about and basically looking like a fool in my kitchen to get this kid to finish his beans and chicken. He does eventually and I’m so happy with him I give him a spoonful of Nutella. He loves it and cries for another. I give him a small second serving because he basically owns me (and he DID eat his dinner).

Bath time is usually given by daddy but this particular day Chris had to coach a Lacrosse game. Ollie is usually very excited about bath time initially,but it takes a good 2 minutes in there till he’s realized he’s done. I’ve got to conjure up energy to distract him with his toy boat and Captain Jack and mommy ducky and Fred the Dinosaur all while trying to scrub every square inch of his body. We are trying to learn “put your head back” but mostly I end up just having to drench him a few times to get the shampoo out of his hair, he’s a pretty good champ about it actually. Of course there is the every other second “sit down” instruction as to avoid a SECOND trip to the ER due to him slipping in the bath. I may have well been in the bath too as I’m somehow drenched.

Time for hair brushing and teeth brushing. Hair brushing isn’t a favorite in our house because of tangles. When it comes time for teeth  brushing he’s on a “do it his own kick” but I’m pretty pleased because I have actually taught him to stick his toothbrush out and get toothpaste, then to put water on it and stick it in his mouth. He mainly sucks on it and I have to pry it away and really brush his teeth for a good few minutes, but then it’s story time.

Story time is the best example of how little focus a toddler has. He brings me Goodnight Moon every night first, like it’s his favorite…I can’t even get “red balloon” out of my mouth (which if you aren’t a parent it’s like the third line) before he’s off to grab another book. Generally I will read aloud three books to myself as it’s apparent that he’s over story time and has moved on to Legos before I grab him, Henry, Giraffe and blankie and put them in bed. I tell him I love him (because I do more than anything) and give him a bunch of kisses. Then I start to close his door but only slowly because I know he’s a bout to go Mmmmm, which is what he does when he wants another kiss. I bust back in the room for a few more smooches and he laughs and the routine continues about 5 or 6x before I call it quits and tell him it’s absolutely, positively night-night.

It’s 8:00pm and it’s my time. I watch tv for an hour or so and then it’s time to do it all over again tomorrow. I crawl in bed and think about how lucky I am to have my little family and how I would l be so lost in this world should anything ever happen to them. What I don’t have is a lot of free time, but what I DO have is a lot of small magical moments that happen throughout the day that add up to one giant relationship that I cant imagine my life without.

On any given weekday that is what our life could look like. Plus or minus a few home projects, errands or obligations. I figure when I’m not posting I might as well convey what is going on behind the scenes, this way no one has to wonder. I know a lot of that sounds like work, but it’s such a beautiful life. I wouldn’t have it an other way.

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