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When I was looking at our home for the first time I was happy to see that it had a designated office. As in, on the main floor, no closet, closed off by french doors. A friend of mine always laughs that we have had an “office” in every house we’ve lived in, as I guess it’s not traditional in the sense that everyone has their laptops these days and is on the go. Or maybe it was humorous because neither of us worked from home or really needed that kind of space. But I always liked having it to pay our bills, surf the internet, blog, etc. and whether it was a bedroom that was turned into an office or a loft space in our most recent town home, it’s nice to continue the tradition in our first home.

There is nothing completely terrifying about the before picture, although there was a lot of mallard decor (note the bird on the ceiling). It had a large window and beautiful french doors already so really all it needed was a fresh coat of paint and some of our own furniture. Phase 1 was to paint the ceiling, trim and walls, replace the outlets and light switches, swap out the door handles and get our own furniture in there.


With that being said, I’ll show some pictures of where the office stands next week! We’ve realized that this house isn’t going to come together in mere months and that there is going to be multiple stages. Right now all our efforts are on on updating the basics. Getting all the rooms painted, replacing hardware and light fixtures, etc. You will see there was a lot of oak in our home, which is typical in the midwest. Unfortunately for us, we are accustomed to white trim and so we’ve had an uphill battle in terms of painting all of it. This house will be a work in progress but what I can show is our “transitional” office. It’s not a finished product by any means but completed enough to be deemed “done” for the time being. I’ll talk more about our future plans next week…

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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