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I’m sure you all have noticed that amount of faux fur that seems to be hitting the streets these days. I’m never really one to jump right on a trend. I am more the type to sit back and wait and then pull the trigger at the end of it’s rope. I believe in classics and staples but every once in a while I have to force myself to put in more effort, especially when I have a one year old running around. Ironically I have had this vest for years from Old Navy. Between the time I bought it and now I have not worn it once. It has literally sat in my closet and truth be told I only purchased it because when I threw it on one night while with a friend I had a few drinks in me, and I felt very Kate Hudson from “Almost Famous.” Never shop with a buzz. It must have been a fluke but since I can’t seem to wear a hefty fuller length version, this mini version suits me just fine and coincidentally I live in Minnesota now where faux fur just seems like the right choice. Here are my three ways of working a trend without feeling completely out of my comfort zone:

1. Downplay everything else. Sometimes too many trends at one time is just a mess. In order to feel comfortable in this vest I paired it with my good ol’ worn in jeans, booties that I’m sure everyone is tired of seeing and a baseball tee that could not be more comfortable.

2. Half-way commit. Regarding most things in life, 100% effort is probably key. But when it comes to branching out of your comfort zone, small steps are OK. I really can’t pull off a “Game of Thrones” type faux fur situation, for one thing I would feel ridiculous, for another I’m so short that it would be over powering. So this playful patch of fur is just the right amount for me.

3. Give yourself an Out. With the intense texture that the fur provides I chose to keep the color palette and other clothing materials transitional. This also provides a nice “escape plan” should I actually get out to the grocery store and realize I’m not ready to fully invest.

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