Rules of Winter

wedding-hot-cocoa-600x399 Since we are in the thick of winter and spring still feels a million miles away, I’ve decided to compile a list of things to do before the snow melts off the ground. I think this is probably my subconscious way of keeping myself from getting full on cabin fever, but I figure I might as well be productive if most of our time has to be spent indoors anyway…

1.) With just months left on our lease and the inevitable house purchase on the horizon, getting organized prior to the big move will prove to be invaluable. Might as well get to those hall closets and extra bathrooms while we are waiting around for that perfect house to hit the market!

2.) Get away to Chicago for the weekend with my best-friend. What’s the point of living just an hour plane flight from the windy city if I’m not going to visit?

3.) Organize our millions of digital photos.

4.) Cozy up and catch up on the nominees in preparation for the Academy Awards (March 2!)

5.) Conquer an amazing DIY project like making a replication of this amazing wall art.

6.) Plan a summer vacation. It’s the next best thing to actually being on one.

7.) Dabble in jewelry making with this easy tutorial.

8.) Get a head start on our game board collection. It is my dream to host great game nights once we have our home!

9.) Hone my pie making skills.

10.) Complete a massive puzzle

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