House Envy: Connie Wang

With the help of Gunnar Larson, Connie Wang and her boyfriend melded their two different style aestitcs beautifully in this 750-square foot Brooklyn apartment. The more I indulge in design it is becoming ever so apparent to me that functional, cozy and chic does not have to mean “big” and Refinery29 is right when they say that New Yorkers have cornered the market on turning small spaces into decorating masterpieces. Check out 34 tips on an instant home upgrade as well as Connie’s new digs.

04-glp-r29-apartmentmakeover-wangandreese-april-17-2010-502 12-glp-r29-apartmentmakeover-wangandreese-april-17-2010-614 18-glp-r29-apartmentmakeover-wangandreese-april-17-2010-387 26-glp-r29-apartmentmakeover-wangandreese-april-17-2010-265 29-glp-r29-apartmentmakeover-wangandreese-april-17-2010-085 (Image credits: Refinery 29)

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