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Fridaylink Well this week has been a bit of a hell week for me. I’m glad to see that it’s coming to an end and couldn’t be happier for the weekend ahead. Some weeks you just have to roll with the punches, but I have to say that the record low’s, oncoming sickness and first time parent scares have left me exhausted. Generally I can stay pretty positive so that is exactly what I intend to do. This weekend is predicted to be in the mid 30’s which will feel like the Bahamas to what we have endured lately. I plan on nursing this cold that I’ve got going and catching up on sleep. Renting movies and doing a little cooking (I hear it’s good for the soul!) Hope you all have great weekends! Here are some links to get you started…

Closet-Just when I thought my bootie collection was going to go to waste come spring, would you take a look at this gorgeous ensemble? I’m dying over booties with dresses, skirts and shorts. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a trend I indulged in continuing on in the good fight for the limelight.

Palette-Chris’s birthday is around the corner and I always like to make him some sweet treats. This cake caught my eye as it is dubbed the “one bowl chocolate cake with mocha buttercream frosting.” I’m always a fan of things that can be made with one dash, less dish washing is quite the selling point around here and it looks to die for.

Kiddo-As we are keeping our eye on the housing market, it’s made me think of all the new ways I could reinvent Oliver’s nursery. There are many things I still love about his room, the Owl Shadowbox for one will always be a favorite, but I’d like to spice things up once we move. Especially since it will be a home we own and the investment I make with design details could therefore be endless and the fact that it will need to be a transitional space when he goes from a crib to his own bed.

Space-There really isn’t much that needs to be said of this dining room credenza, other than the fact that I dream about it. The color combination is so unexpected and I love texture and warmth the room gives off. I’d love for our future dining room to make a statement similar to this one one day.

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