Cold Day

IMG_5170a As most of the nation has already heard or felt, we are getting quite the proverbial butt kicking in the weather department. Record lows caused an actual Minnesota snow cold day where I was able to work from home and indulge in spending time with Oliver and Chris and not change out of our pajamas. I didn’t leave the house with the exception of taking out the dog and now I can officially say I’ve been in -20 something weather. Being forced to stay in doors (Monday or this season) hasn’t really bothered me much since I have been craving quiet. On Christmas I made the decision to deactivate/abandon social media for a while.* Not indefinitely but it was becoming a habitual nuisance and I can’t tell you the amount of freedom I feel from just taking certain apps off my devices. I really was needing to live more in the moment and I wanted to start that fresh in 2014. I’m not sure if it will take a few weeks, a month, or a year. But for now I know I’m enjoying living in the present and find my eyes wide open. Oliver is walking, making his own little jokes, jiggling (not quite dancing) and inspiring me on a daily basis. My eyes are WIDE open, as they should be. I’m thankful for the pause the weather gave us and to have my two boys.

IMG_5129a 5135b IMG_5149a IMG_5203a IMG_5173a IMG_5144a *I’ve left my Facebook account open (because it’s attached to the blog’s page) but please don’t take it personally if you leave me a comment or message and I don’t respond. All social media has been taken off my devices, forcing me to stay off in moments of weakness!

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