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5dfd054a-8102-40e8-a664-9c711095a70c_zpsb7282820 This week was long, which really came as no surprise considering the work week before a holiday can never seem to end fast enough. Unfortunately for me I will be spending quite a few hours next week at work, only really taking Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off, so I plan on soaking those two days off in my p.j.’s, spending downtime with my family and relishing in Oliver’s very first Christmas and all the traditions that go along with this special time. Hope you all have happy weekends!

Closet-I’m drawn to trends in fashion but at the end of the day I’ll always be a “basic” girl. You can’t go wrong with neutrals and classic black, a pair of “fits just right jeans” and some converse. I love how this outfit pops with just a slight addition of a beautiful blue, plaid scarf. It just goes to show you that layering makes all the difference.

Palette-This Cider Pomegranate Smash drink screams holiday, so I thought it would be a nice addition the Friday links series. Refreshing and with only four ingredients it’s an easy to make drink that is a nice break from the usual wine or beer.

Kiddo-This little outfit here inspired me to go on the hunt for a little down vest for my main man. Oliver is coming into his own, almost walking and looking like a little boy vs. a baby more and more every day. While dressing him can be a challenge (can we say wrestling match?) its still fun, especially with outfits as cute as this.

Space-Has anyone else noticed the trend of utilizing every nook and cranny that your house offers? I love the idea of making my own breakfast nook by a window, somewhere we can eat our pancakes on Saturday morning and play cards on any week night.

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