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fridaylinksfinal copy This week zoomed by for me! Work was busy and productive, and while we actually didn’t have any social obligations it went by in a blink of an eye. I can’t believe the holidays are coming up so fast and while we will be traveling with our little one we couldn’t be more excited about the anticipated trip! Hope you all have happy weekends! PS. Christmas is less than 50 days away!…too soon??

Closet-I’m loving a tan coat this fall/winter. There is something so traditional and classic about them. Coupled with the fact that matching brown and black these days is on trend, it makes it all that more appealing for my go-to winter coat color.

Palette-How beautiful is this Apple Walnut Tart? Generally I can be naive in the kitchen, but I’m almost thinking I could pull this off. They are only apple peels and with this tool as our latest addition to our kitchen, purchased last weekend, I think I may try and give it a go!

Kiddo-Ollie is compiling quite the collection of books these days, even though he is more interested in chewing the pages than us actually reading them. I really like the idea of displaying all his stories on the wall like this, especially the classics like the Velveteen Rabbit, Good Night Moon and Where the Wild Things Are.

Space-I’ve been pinning holiday stuff like crazy even though we will probably do the bare minimum for decorating this year. I love these simple, yet colorful centerpieces and I’m also a big fan of easy. I love using the color red, but sometimes it can be overdone. This is simple and fantastic.

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