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fridaylinks2 This week has zoomed by! With my birthday this past Monday and then Halloween last night–I can hardly believe it’s the weekend already, and I’m not complaining about that! I’m going to keep this short & sweet seeing as how this has been a mighty hectic week. In keeping in line with the theme of the last few days, we’ve got a jam packed weekend full of Halloween parties, apple pickin’ and brunch to look forward to! Hope you all have great weekends!

Closet-I’m really into mixing and matching patterns lately. I love how the fashion faux-pas of the past have been thrown out the window completely. Black with brown? Sure, white after labor day? why not? Stripes and polka dots? Heck yes. I love this bright yellow ensemble even going into winter. It takes a somewhat trained eye to spot what can easily be paired together but it makes layering so much more fun.

Palette-While this looks like your everyday pasta, it’s hidden Italian meat sauce is the closest thing I can get to returning to Italy. Colder temps and bigger sweaters make it hard not to crave comfort food and this pasta is not only easy to make but will surprise your taste buds with it’s Bologna style.

Kiddo-This Mini Lena Star Lamp will be one of my first purchases once we move out of our town home. I love Oliver’s nursery but having the ability to invest in decorating with our own home makes refraining from tweaking his bedroom near impossible. I’m much more a B-U-Y girl vs. D-I-Y, but something tells me this might be a fun project to imitate if you are crafty!

Space-I love that simple cotton is making it’s way to centerpieces and other decorating avenues. It’s so rustic and screams Restoration Hardware. These cotton stalks have given me inspiration to add the new trend to our Thanksgiving table (or rather or family’s!)

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