House Envy: Zoe Chicco

Today’s House Envy edition is a good one! Zoe Chicco is a designer and trained goldsmith of delicate and beautiful jewelry pieces. Based in LA, her home is bright and airy and just as visually appealing as her work. I’d kill to have as much natural light in my home and love how she seems to have a sense of humor within her design aesthetic, coupled with a keen sense of detail. 

GG_Zoe_PhotoApproved_007 GG_Zoe_PhotoApproved_016 GG_Zoe_PhotoApproved_039 GG_Zoe_PhotoApproved_042 GG_Zoe_PhotoApproved_060-e1376541456365 GG_Zoe_PhotoApproved_125 GG_Zoe_PhotoApproved_135 GG_Zoe_PhotoApproved_175 GG_Zoe_PhotoApproved_179 For the full article and more pictures of her gorgeous abode, check out The Glitter Guide.
Photography: Bryce Covey

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