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fridaylinks2 copy I feel like I’m crawling to the finish line this week! It’s Friday and while nothing was particularly painful about this week, it just seems like today has taken a while to get here! With a ridiculously fun pumkin-carving party mid-week, it’s a surprise that Friday didn’t feel just around the corner. There are some fun things on the agenda for the weekend, like an out of town guest and hopes of a pumpkin patch visit, shopping for this birthday girl and the anticipation of a date with the hubby on Monday night.  Let’s all give ourselves a pat on the back for making it to the end of the week, let the weekend festivities begin!

Closet-Living in Minnesota the silver lining to less than desirable winters, is ironically winter accessories. Hats have been on my radar this year and I love the look of the one pictured. It’s casual in a way that hats can sometimes be but the look still feels fresh and polished.

Palette-Taking a break from all pumpkin recipes, but not venturing far, with these apple cider doughnuts! I’m dying to get my hands on these before fall is officially over in the Midwest and winter sets in. Although I guess there is no law that you can’t eat doughnuts in the winter. After all what is spandex for if not to allow for a few extra inches when us Minnesotan’s need them most?

Kiddo-Ollie is a little too young to still fathom the excitement a fort can provide (and boy have these teepees brought fort building to a whole other level) but I seriously can’t wait until a little bad weather calls for an indoor activity. This DIY art house brought to you by Martha Stewart herself is worth bookmarking!

Space-This fall flower arrangement was so pretty I couldn’t help myself to catalog it for inspiration. I love to have fresh flowers around the house and make it a practice to pick some up while grocery shopping on Sunday’s. It’s nice that even though the weather outside is dreary, there can be a fall bunch of flowers that either accents the holidays or just the seasonal change.

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