Weekend Snapshots

IMG_4805a {The sweetest cookie stamp, just in time for the holidays}

Monday is here again and I think we can all agree that the leisurely lifestyle that a weekend permits will be thoroughly missed, especially with the darker than usual mornings hindering us from getting our week started. Rainy weather ruined our plans of going to the pumpkin patch like originally planned, so we had to make do with finding fun things to entertain ourselves inside. The highlight of the weekend was probably that I stayed up for a double-feature movie night with the husband and scored two new pairs of booties. I believe this week will go by relatively fast and well if yours doesn’t, here’s a few snapshots to peruse from our weekend.

IMG_4796a {When you can’t decide on a color, get both.}

snapshots {New tabs to make hints for the husband fool-proof!}

IMG_4801a {Talenti. It’s really as good as they say}

IMG_4810a {New coffee table decor. Allegra Hick’s Design book & driftwood}

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