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fridaylinks copy Happy Friday guys! I can’t believe it’s October, where has this year gone? Pretty soon the holidays will upon us. I’m bracing myself but am also SUPER excited to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with Ollie. Since it really is only a matter of time before we are all stressing out over the end of the year festivities, I am trying to embrace October and this beautiful fall weather we are having, soaking up the relaxing down time before the chaos begins. Hope you all have great weekends!

Closet-Up until recently I had been steering clear of the acid wash phase until I laid eyes on this vest. I’ve been on a major vest kick lately as it is, which is clear from my Pinterest, but this one is too fun to not want. I’ve already thought of about a thousand ways to wear this and if Minnesota decides to have a lengthy fall, I could probably get away with this for most of the season. It is after all about the layering up here, ya know?

Palette-I’ve been craving anything with apple in it lately and I honestly believe that is just my subconscious telling me that it’s still dying to go apple picking. While I’m hoping to make a weekend trip to get some honeycrisp’s, Whole Foods will have to do for now as I conjure up a plan to make apple pies, apple crisps, apple cobbler and these candied apples.

Kiddo-To this day, this is still my favorite Halloween costume for a little boy. It is so cute and clever. Up until just recently I did not know what Oliver was going to be. I was wrestling with my criteria of finding a costume that was 1.) warm 2.) comfortable for him 3.) somewhat unique 4.) somewhat meaningful for his very first Halloween and 5.) not mass produced. That is a lot of obstacles. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together!

Space-I pretty much stalk Apartment Therapy on a daily basis and the day I decided to start following them on Pinterest was probably one of my better ideas. It’s always nice to get inspiration from them and when I laid my eyes on this chase, I knew it was something I wanted to keep tucked in the back of my head for our office one day…just look at that gorgeous print!

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