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fridaylinks copy copy I’m not sure about you guys, but my week was pretty busy. I’m glad the weekend is near and am trying to get an agenda together to get us out of the house, rain or shine. The weather has been pretty dreary lately and it’s  hindering us from exploring. I’ve got a few ideas for back-ups if we can’t make the Minnehaha falls, but regardless I plan on catching up on sleep, starting Breaking Bad on Netflix and enjoying the outdoors, in some capacity.

Closet-With a chance of rain in seasons fall, winter and spring here in Minnesota, I think it’s about time that I invest in some Hunter Rain boots (as seen here by one of my fave mommy bloggers!) I’ve gone back and forth on color, but I think the green ones have officially pulled ahead. They are so versatile, as we all know from Pinterest, and the fact that they are functional make them all that more appealing.

Palette-Lately I’ve noticed a trend of salted chocolate and salted caramel. Anyone else noticed or seemed to drawn to that combination as much as me? As if either weren’t good enough, let’s add sea salt to the mix….sounds like a good idea to me. I love anything miniature in the baking world too so when I spotted these they immediately went on the list of desserts to attempt to make! Maybe if it ends up raining most of the weekend, I’ll resort to eating my feelings in the kitchen and diving into these salted Mexican chocolate ganache tarts!

Kiddo-Isn’t this mobile beautiful?? I’m actually not entirely sure that this could be it’s only use. I think it’s pretty enough to hang just about anywhere but how unique would it be over a crib? I love the detail and the colors…this one is of course, an Etsy find. Where else could I have stumbled upon such handmade perfection…

Space-In case there are people out there that still underestimate what a can of paint can do for nearly anything…here is yet another example of someone choosing to think outside the box. With very little investment I am sure, the idea of painting bathroom cabinets an un-traditional color like this pink, and simple switching out the knobs is just pure genius. I honestly think it makes it look instantly custom. How pretty would it be to get some black and white prints in some white frames to accessorize?

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