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fridaylink copy Happy Friday! Sometimes I can’t believe that it is already mid-September. Where is this year going!? The holidays will be here before you know it, but before the department stores start playing Christmas music and the streets light up in shiny decor and wreaths, let’s pause to take in all the glory that is fall! I’m ready for layers (a wish Minnesota will certainly grant), decadent desserts and the anticipation of the end of the year. This weekend we have zero plans but thanks to the Minnesota Fall Bucket List I’ve just compiled, this might be one of the last for a while. Check back for the list sometime next week, it’s a goodie!

Closet-Enough of the skinny. I get it, I guess I like them and I finally own a few pairs. Nothing is as flattering as a nice fit, flare jean. Especially one where heels are involved. I love the denim wash of the jeans pictured, and can’t get enough of how tall they make her look!

Palette-This Raspberry Guiness Cake has me wishing it was around St. Patty’s day. I mean, just the fruit topping alone makes my mouth salivate. In fact, the entire website “London Fridge” has killer recipes and I’m dying to peruse more to try!

Kiddo-This picture of a boy and his doggey is absolutely priceless and was one of the inspirations I had in stocking Oliver up on plenty of new winter clothing: striped pants, fun hats and mittens and don’t forget an adorable little jacket.

Space-When I stumbled upon this image on Pinterest it instantly resonated with me. So many of my jeans I wear more than once and while I do fold them (and that seems to work just fine) I couldn’t help but love this idea. It makes picking jeans up off the floor a cinch when you can just hang them on a hook.

*Today’s Blogtember challenge is a self-portrait, I full intend on participating in this one but last night’s gym session came first. Look for Friday’s challenge this weekend!

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