My Favorite Online Shops!

Closet (ASOS)//I’m not a huge fan of shopping clothes online. I’m old school in the fact that I like to get some cardio at the mall and try stuff on. Plus, I really loathe having to pay for shipping. For me, often times it’s just not worth the convenience of getting something that will probably end up being the wrong size. I’m like instant gratification, i.e. coming home same-day with shopping bags with an outfit that can be worn that night. But when I do shop online, it’s generally at Asos. For one, they don’t have any brick and mortar stores domestically. Secondly they have great pieces and a range of pricing that would fit almost anyone’s needs. I tend to go there for dresses mostly, when I need something for a bridal shower, wedding, etc.


Palette (Foodoro)//A lot of people probably don’t go online to buy specialty foods but I find it’s a great source for gifts as well as when you are unable to rush around looking for those defining touches for an upcoming dinner party. Chris and I are both far from picky eaters and have a pretty wide-ranging list of things we both will eat and appreciate. Well prepared food is one of our favorite indulgences. Foodorois great for getting what your appetite desires without having to leave your couch!


Kiddo (Iviebaby)//The Etsy shop, Iviebaby has the BEST baby stuff! Such handmade quality items and the patterns I can’t get enough of. I have a few friends that are pregnant right now (yay!) and so I’m happy to showcase this site as one of my faves in hopes that they find something for the expectant littles! Etsy in general is a great source for all things unique and creative. Chris and I sourced the site like crazy when planning our wedding. A little overwhelming unless you are looking for something specific but I’ve always had nothing but great results.


Space (West Elm)//I’m sort of a West Elm freak. I really like their store and while SOME things can be over-priced and I know I can get elsewhere I really feel like the majority of their stuff is priced on par with the quality. Their offerings are on trend and right up my alley of decor that fits our personalities. West Elm is pretty much the love child between William Sonoma and Pottery Barn but much more affordable. Also, they have free shipping on a lot of their goods, which makes me feel good about ordering from them online…especially around Christmas time, it’s a steal!


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