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links2 It’s Friday again already! This week flew by. It was a busy, yet unique, week at work. Yesterday we had a company golf tournament which was very fun and it was a beautiful day to spend completely outside. Tonight I plan on cozying up on the couch and taking it easy but Saturday we are going to our very first state fair! I’m very excited about it and hope to give you guys a full recap on Monday. Hope you all have fantastic weekends!

Closet-I’m loving elbow patches for fall. It’s a sleek way to add character to any old sweater and if you don’t feel like paying for the trend, they are easy to re-create yourself (seriously check this out) It’s even cute when made out of a fun shape, like a heart!

Palette-Can I just confess my true obsession with goat cheese. I find myself pinning any recipe that even says goat cheese. It melts in your mouth and is my favorite cheese, so of course I had to save the link to these savory cheese tartlets. That and they looked easy, my second priority.

Kiddo-It’s almost September (can’t believe it!) and so naturally I am on the hunt for Oliver’s first Halloween costume. I loved the idea of this cutie in a makeshift popcorn baby carrier, but now I think he’s too big for this. Nothing I seem to come across seems good enough for his first Halloween. If anyone knows of a good site to find baby costumes, please let me know!

Space-Hallways are often neglected when decorating a home, but this image is a perfect example of how a slap of paint and some interesting light fixtures can really amp up the decor in your house. I’m pretty sure those shades are from Ikea, which can only mean they are affordable, and I love the contrast of the natural against the blue.

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