Evolving Home Style

Oy I was doing so good wasting my time wisely (on the blog) but of course moving had to get in the way. I’m happy to report that the fam and I are all settled in to our new (new to us) place and are really enjoying the changes in layout. Our last place had more updates throughout but honestly it had a lot of faults. For one, there was a steep, narrow stairway to get from the front door to the main level, which made traveling with a car-seat and lugging groceries a royal pain. The “open concept” felt more like a studio apartment due to lack of size and I desperately missed having storage. The last place had seriously two closets. The new digs are a bit older but by God it is so much more functional for our family. It’s cozy and inviting and I can’t wait to share it with you guys. It still has that Minnesota 90’s aesthetic but we are workin’ it as best we can.

As I’ve gotten older (and hopefully wiser) I realize that decorating is not about how many nick-knacks you can pick up on the cheap but more of a focus on simplicity, function, quality and personal style. I’ve learned the difference of appreciation for a certain look and what’s gong to work for me. For instance, I love a white room. It’s airy and fresh, what’s not to love? But I have a dog and an almost 6-month old. A white couch is not going to cut it and furthermore I think I’d spend more time trying to keep it white than actually enjoying it. Our big brown leather couches are perfect for us in that spit-up wipes off them with ease and doesn’t stain, our dog can enjoy them and they stand the test of time. I don’t think a brown leather couch really ever goes out of style. Here are a few images that I’ve gathered that reflect our evolving design tastes. Compiling images we like have really helped me to understand what it is I need to look for when perusing stuff for the house, rather than bringing home a trunk full of pieces that don’t necessarily fit.


af6d20d02471a100ba53c477250e260e What I’ve noticed is that while I like neutrals, I also like pops of color. I generally lean towards a minimalist living space (I hate clutter) and that I am very drawn to an eclectic room with different textures and unique touches that make it feel more personal to the owner.


Nothing is more personal and intimate as a gallery wall full of memories and loved ones. This will be the first project on my to-do list when we own a home.


Who doesn’t love a good bar car set-up?

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