Ollie is 5 months!

walk Oliver turned 5 months yesterday….FIVE! He’s growing up in front of our eyes and each passing day he fulfills me in ways that I can’t describe. Right now he is able to follow voices and sounds, he smiles CONSTANTLY and is starting to laugh. His laugh is probably my favorite thing in the entire universe. He is dying to crawl and bounces on his strong legs all day long. He is sleeping through the night and when he nuzzles his face into my chest when he’s tired it makes my heart melt. We have been taking advantage of the beautiful summer in Minnesota and how late it stays light but taking a walk almost every day. We have our route down. We walk through neighborhoods, up the hill, along the green way to the pretty swamp, past the tire swings and the park and then back home again. It is my favorite time of day.

photo 4

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