House Envy

Every once in a while I’ll come across a house that just makes my jaw drop. This one in particular hits home with me because while it dominates with a neutral color palette, the pops of color that you do see keep it from being too bland. Also, as perfectly styled as it is, it still is feasible to be kid-friendly. (I know some mom’s would disagree, but I like to continue to believe that a home can be kept up even with kiddos…maybe I’m naive but this Type A has to cling on to that belief!) Bottom line, it’s eloquent and comfortable.


2 3 4 Can I sit here and read a book…please?!

5 6 7 I think this corner of the bedroom may be my favorite part of the house. I love the idea of showcasing your magazines with a rack like the one pictured above. And how about that natural light filling the area as you get ready for the day? Heaven.

8 For more of this beautiful house, visit 6th Street Design School | Photography by Nicole Hill Gerulat

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