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You are probably going to get tired of hearing me say this (I know some friends have to be), but Minnesota summers are straight awesome. I don’t know if I’m just hypnotized by the warm weather or if it’s just that I’m in a really good place with our new addition so I see everything through rose-colored glasses, but there is just so much to do in this lush, beautiful city. There is almost so much to do I feel like there won’t be enough weekends to cover all the ground I’m after. But that’s OK. Because there is always future summers. I’ve compiled a list that I don’t think is too aggressive seeing as how we’ve spent half the summer out-of-state. Uncovering and researching everything this place has to offer this season has me truly falling hard for the land of 10,000 lakes.

  1. Beach it up at Lake Calhoun. Yes, the lakes have beaches and this one is so huge you actually feel like you could be near the ocean, except for that city skyline off in the horizon.
  2. Minneapolis plays an outdoor movie at a park EVERY single day of the summer. How is that for awesome? We plan on checking out “The Goonies” on an upcoming Friday, which coincides nicely with me tackling some of my Dirty 30 bucket list! Seriously check out this link for the full run-down of amazing movies offered every day.
  3. Frequent the Mill City Farmer’s Market. Supporting healthy foods and local farmers is just a plus considering Oliver is getting to the point where he is about to start eating solid foods. We plan on making all his food, so fresh fruits & veggies are a must in the coming weeks.
  4. Lawn Bowling at Brit’s Pub & Eating establishment. A 10,000 square foot lawn bowling green and rooftop bar are only a few of the attractions of this local, downtown hang-out. Three words for you: Sign me up.
  5. The Aquatennial is a literal week long celebration of summer which ends with a bang and one hell of a fireworks show over the Stone Arch Bridge. From what I hear it’s pretty spectacular and since we didn’t really see any fireworks over the 4th, I’m looking forward to checking it out!
  6. Sheryl Crow is playing at this year’s Minnesota State Fair but she might be out-shined by the diverse and mouth-watering food that will be offered. Candied bacon cannoli and grilled glazed doughnuts on a stick are just some of the novelties that will be sure hits.
  7. Seeing the Spoonbridge and Cherry at the Walker Sculpture Garden was on this list but thankfully I was able to cross it off the list already. Read about it here.
  8. With flavors like, “Nicollet Avenue Pot Hole” (Chocolate ice cream w/ fudge, truffles, heat bar & sea salt) and “Honey Cinnamon Crisp”(Honey ice cream with cinnamon and graham crackers) it’s no wonder why Sebastian Joe’s ice-cream is a must-do during the summer.
  9. Would it be summer without going to a baseball game? I think not. I’m dying to check out a Twins game, get a beer and a hot dog and basically get a tan while enjoying one of America’s favorite past times at Target Field.

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    […] being kicked off with a Minnesota Twins game tonight. I’ve been wanting to cross that off my Summer Bucket List for some time now and the weather couldn’t be better for American’s favorite past-time. […]

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