{New Cole Haan sunnies, found on sale}

Oy vey. The fam and I just touched down in Minneapolis. We were originally meant to be back yesterday around 3 in the afternoon, with plenty of time to spare and get ready for the week ahead. Well, our flight was delayed in NY, and delayed so much that we would miss our connecting flight in Detroit. Silver lining: we got another day of vacation yesterday with family. Not silver lining: we woke up at 3:30 am, visited three cities all before 10:00 am and went right into work, ouch! Here are five pretty things keeping my mind OFF how exhausted we are. Hope everyone had a great fourth of July! I hope to have a recap of our fun in upstate NY sometime this week.


{A soy candle that makes our bedroom smell amazing}

IMG_3478 {new ring dish, love doves}

IMG_3473 {rent-a-bikes downtown Minneapolis}

IMG_3486 {finally opening some Italian bottles of wine from our trip}

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