Something Borrowed

  something-borrowed-5 The fourth of July is upon us and for some reason I keep thinking about that movie, Something Borrowed. Did anyone else like that flick? I did…but I like anything with Kate Hudson in it frankly. There is this one scene where they are all huddled around the bonfire in the Hamptons, drinking Heineken, throwing around the football on the beach and looking like they are just having a stellar time. It pretty much looked like a Ralph Lauren ad but it also screamed summer to me. The navy and white striped shirts, the thick chunky knit man sweaters, good food, white wine on the beach, ahhh. While I’m not going to be doing quite all that this weekend we are flying to upstate NY and I plan on wearing lots of red, white and chambray and celebrating my little heart out (maybe even over some Heineken’s). Check out the video clip that I definitely WOULD do with my best friend at the bottom of this post, it’s a classic.

Something_Borrowed-3 borrowed 4 borrowed something-borrowed-2

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