Dirty 30!

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My thirtieth birthday is coming up in a few months and while I have witnessed a barrage of girlfriends spiral out of control as their 30th birthdays loomed, I find myself pretty excited about it. I don’t know about you but the twenties were hard. I was broke, wild and in my early twenties, still violently emotional. It was only in the last few years that I have really started to know who I am and feel a sense of calm. I wish I would have thought to make a Dirty-30 bucket list a year ago (or hell, ten years ago) but I guess I will just have to try to give these last minute hoorah’s a good ol’ college try. Here my friends is my Dirty to-do list before turning 30!

  1. Re-watch the Goonies on a lazy weekend afternoon.
  2. Roll down a really, REALLY big grass hill.
  3. Order a massive sundae with at least 5 different toppings.
  4. To piggy back on #3 spend one entire day eating whatever I want.
  5. Get a little too tipsy in public, but make it worth it.
  6. Hire that financial advisor guy…
  7. take a photography class
  8. Plant a tree.
  9. Master 5 new intense recipes.
  10. Make a playlist dedicated to my twenties.
  11. Promise myself that we will no longer experiment with hair color. We know what works.
  12. Stay up for 48 hours.
  13. Buy a ridiculously expensive pair of stilletos.
  14. Learn to refill an inkjet printer cartridge. <-joking. Kinda.
  15. Go on a full-day hike, by myself.
  16. Find the perfect eye cream.
  17. Sing Britney @ a Karaoke bar.
  18. Visit Chicago with my best friend.
  19. Send handwritten letters to those who have influenced me most.
  20. Be thankful I made it out of my twenties alive!


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