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Happy Tuesday! If I had to rank all days of the week I think Tuesday may be my least favorite. Therefore I’d like to focus on things that have been on my radar as of late and things that make me happy in four fun categories: My closet, My palette, My kiddo and My living space. The culmination of these things (and my husband of course) make up my happy place. Without further adieu here are the things I’m currently obsessing over!

Closet: White and Navy (or black) striped shirts like this one. There is something so “summer in the Hamptons” about it and lately I have felt my style take a shift, maybe a boring shift I don’t know. I haven’t decided if that is good or bad yet. Sometimes I think my wardrobe has gotten a little dull on the color front but classic neutrals just seem to never steer me wrong.

Palette: Fresh Farmer’s Markets are finally starting to pop up around Minneapolis and it always makes me so excited for fresh fruit and vegetables. A few weeks ago I had a friend’s strawberry salad and it literally blew my mind. It was so deliciously sweet I almost forgot I was being healthy. This similar recipe looks like it would be great on a hot summer afternoon.

Kiddo: I’m a new mom so it’s safe to say that nearly 89.9% of my day consists of me thinking about my son. I am always on the lookout for cute new outfits, the latest and greatest in child development toys and any recall I dare to hear about. I instantly fell in love with these too cute bow ties and wished we had something formal enough planned for him to look oh so dapper.

Space: I’ve recently decided that when I have my official grown-up room, there will be a four post bed as the centerpiece. I find myself drawn to them over and over again. I love how they can have a Moroccan type vibe but also look classic and refined by just changing up a few details.

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