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This weekend I realized that I do not own a single pair of shorts. While I took a few minutes to ponder how un-American that is, I spent the rest of the weekend wondering why. I pretty much came to the conclusion that a.) I no longer like my legs as much as I use to, hours on hours of playing sports and my metabolism hay day have past and been replaced with working at a desk all day long (mind you they just released research that this was the equivalent of smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, fml.) But also b.) I can’t help but feel like a kid at recess when I wear them. I mean other than a well-tailored black pair of shorts with sky high stilettos worn on girls night out, when are they stylish? I’m determined to find some inspiration of savvy shorts (for real people) but thought I would share the item of clothing that has seemed to take the place of such a summer staple. Enter the boyfriend jean. They are comfortable, stylish, airy and while taking the place of the short-lived cropped pant, they are the grown woman’s version of shorts. You can dress them up and down, they are viable for all four seasons, you can wear them with flats and with heels, the list goes on and on. Until I get those chiseled thighs back, boyfriend jeans…I love you.



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