What’s in a Purse?


A ladies purse can be a very intriguing thing and the more I thought about it, the more I realize that the items we as women choose to lug around on a daily basis, shows a little of our personality. Sure my purse gets cluttered like everyone’s does with receipts, appointment business cards, pens, gum, etc. But when I took the time to clean it out this weekend I thought it might be a fun post to show what I think of as the “bare minimums” to have on hand. What kinds of things do you like to keep in your handbag?


1.) Red nail polish (because that’s generally my color of choice and hate when it gets chipped.)/ 2.) Keys, for obvious reasons. / 3.) Mary Kay’s “satin lips” for the Minnesota winter and some Stila lip gloss because I have zero natural color in my lips.  4.) my iPhone, could literally not live without it, as sad as that is. / 5.) ear buds-for when I am at work and wanting to jam out to some “get-focused” tunes./ 6.) Aviators, because I’m a firm believer that when you find shades that work, you stick with it.


7.) My kindle, because I often find myself in long lines. / 8.) My mini purse that holds my emergency nail polish, lip care, travel perfume and Advil./ 9.) A sweet mirror that is monogrammed that I received as a bridesmaid gift. 10.) My hobo wallet that I will forever covet as I got it at a steal at a San Francisco Sample Sale.

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