Ladies & gents, we have hit full-term! To be honest, it flew by. I can’t believe that our bumbling baby boy could come even this month! Let me tell you, you start changing certain habits when you know that your water could break at any moment and you could go into labor . I’m a little more particular about the house staying clean and you second guess going to that yoga class. I’ve been forcing myself to R-E-L-A-X more because I know those days will be few and far between once he’s here. When I found out I was already 3 cm. dilated I had a minor heart attack, but since then I’ve had time to adjust and get prepared, both mentally and around the house. I can honestly say that I’m now calm and ready. If I suddenly go MIA, it may be because we’ve made the exciting trip to the hospital but will give a full-report upon our return home. The due date is Feb. 14 but I would be willing to bet he’ll be here earlier than that!

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