Some days…

Some day’s I will be driving down the road and I will get the surreal feeling that I’ve actually moved. I don’t drive down the same streets to go to the job I loved for over four years. I don’t have my sorority of girlfriends and comrades to gossip with over the proverbial water cooler. I live in a new town home, on a new street in the foreign (to me) state of Minnesota. So much anticipation was built towards this move. It started last May when Chris graduated and perpetually grew for the remaining six months. I keep waiting to freak out as I take a look out my car window on my way to my new job, driving down new streets in an entirely new climate. But I don’t. As a renown worrier I contemplated my sure inability to deal with the force of change that is now here, but I’m surprisingly composed and calm. I can’t quite put my finger on it but either a good attitude goes a lot longer than I anticipated or, I actually like it here. Sure the pang of missing family and close friends is there, but overall…and I honestly almost don’t believe these words as I am about to type them…but I think I may like it here. The days are cold but they are sunny and crisp. I like our area, it’s filled with great shops and eateries and everything is nearby. The pine trees are beautiful and I imagine will be even more so when they are covered in snow. Hope things don’t change from here on out but I have to report that the first month in our brand new home is better than expected.

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