Minneapolis Here We Come

Today the hubs packed our stuff, our cars, our pup (basically our lives) and started the drive from Charlotte to Minneapolis. He will arrive tomorrow to check out our new home for the first time while I wait patiently for one more week. I’ll be tying up loose end and then flying to the great state of Minnesota a week from tonight. Words can’t describe all the feelings I have in the pit of my stomach. Nerves, excitement, anticipation, apprehension…the list goes on. In order to try and force my mind to stay on the positive, I’ve created a fun “to-do” list of things to occupy my time in our new city.

  1. Get brunch at Keys Baker and visit the Mill City Farmer’s Market
  2. Go to a hockey game
  3. Watch the film screening of Atonement at the Guthrie Theater
  4. Check out daycare’s for Baby C
  5. Get started on the baby nursery
  6. Purchase a filing cabinet and get our documents in order
  7. Make our wedding album
  8. Make an Italy scrapbook
  9. Make a Charlotte album from the last ten years (pre-baby)
  10. Print a few good wedding pictures for the house
  11. Put together a succulent terrarium
  12. Purchase cookie cutters for seasonal treats
  13. Make tons of recipes with pumpkin and eggnog
  14. Ice Skate at the depot
  15. Decorate for the holidays + get a tree!



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