Hale Navy.

IMG_0162_REV (Images from The Nesting Game)

When we first moved to Minneapolis, and had our townhome, I was able to decorate Oliver’s nursery but I wasn’t able to paint. Well, I could’ve painted but I was too pregnant to care to and since the walls where neutral, I didn’t see the need. Going full force on a nursery was one of my main priorities when we moved into our new house. Although now Ollie seems less and less like a baby and more like a little kiddo these days, so I’m having to keep in mind that one day (fairly soonish) we’ll be transitioning his room from a nursery, but still trying to keep it childlike. But let me catch you up to speed since I was an absentee blogger….we’ve done a lot to the house in the few months we’ve lived here. We have painted every room on the main level, as well as the trim. We’ve painted the upstairs hallway, guest room and now Oliver’s room (just finished that beast this weekend!) We’ve painted the kitchen cabinets white, replaced the hardware, painted the fireplace, replaced overhead lighting to recessed fixtures and Chris has somehow managed to build our dining room table , outdoor table and a guest bed. So to say we’ve been busy is an understatement. But back to Oliver’s room, it’s officially been started and I couldn’t be more excited to pour my heart and soul into it! It’s the only room I see clearly in my head, from the blinds, to the rug and I’m hoping it will be done by the end of August. Generally we’ve been jumping around from project to project due to what makes sense in terms of cost, season, sales etc. but since we have such a distinct vision for Oliver’s room we are just going for it. All other projects are on hold till we get his little oasis complete. Let’s cross our fingers that the outcome is good, otherwise I’ll be forced to show you my whoops project and how embarrassing would that be? The inspiration pictures below are what jump started the idea for his room. Maybe it’s because the color “Hale Navy” by Benjamin Moore screams “boy” to me, or maybe because I painted the vast majority of my house “Accessible beige” but I needed some dramatic color in my life. After putting it on his walls this past weekend, we have no regrets!

Full-Room Navy-Nursery-Rocker-Crib


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Any given weekday


Yesterday morning Ollie woke up at 5:30 a.m. A good half hour before my alarm was about to go off, ya know…just the right amount of time to where I couldn’t get back to sleep once I had tide him over with his weight in cheerios and put about every toy he owns in his crib to keep him occupied till I could finish getting ready. Once out of the shower and dressed we start the dance of getting him dressed. Which pretty much takes me straddling him on the bed to get his t-shirt and shorts on. These days he thinks it’s so funny to roll off his changing table and run away from me while laughing hysterically and so we’ve reverted to the bed, where I can properly restrain him. You’d think this would annoy me, but it doesn’t. You have to see his roll, it’s damn near acrobatic and done with such a fantastic grin that I can’t help but laugh.

After getting him dressed I take him (and Henry, his bunny of course) down stairs to get his shoes on. Thankfully I am prepared with another to-go bag of cheerios to distract him,  both while I lace his shoes up and the five minute car ride to daycare where he may scream for my keys which are IN the ignition in order for us to get from point A to point B. Lately I’ve realized that if I ask him questions he will refrain from trying to gravitate towards every object he can not have and I’ve really grown to love our morning conversations. Especially since “yes” seems to be his favorite word. So I can pretty much ask him anything I want and the answer will be “yes!”

“Ollie, are you excited to go to school today?”  “Yes!”
“Ollie, what are you going to do at school?” “Yes!”
“Will you miss mommy?” “Yes!”
“Ollie, will you sleep in tomorrow?” “Yes!”
False promises.

We arrive at school and I punch in the security code to get in, well actually, HE punches the code or rather I HELP him push the code to get us in. Once in, I pretty much look around feeling like the worst mom ever for having to leave him at daycare for an entire day of his life. He looks up at me like he gets it but wishes the same.

Work goes by and it’s finally time to pick him up from daycare. It is my favorite time of day. I pull up and he’s already in the window smiling. He watches me as I walk towards the entrance and by the time I go to open the door to his classroom he’s standing there with arms wide open (and Henry usually dangling out of his mouth). We embrace and then it’s generally a tough ride home as he’s cranky and in need of a snack and already over my presence. I do all but speed (OK, I speed a little) to try and get us there as quick as possible but still in one piece.

I give him a yogurt or banana or anything BUT cheerios to keep his little belly full long enough to where we can get dinner cooking. Chris grills some chicken and invites him to help. He is adamant about bringing “Dada” the plate he needs outside and walks it so carefully over to Chris, I’m pretty sure it took 20 minutes. Ollie is a pretty good eater for the most part, but he is getting pickier. I’m forced as a mom to walk the fine line of avoiding forcing him to eat and you know, keeping him from showing bone. So if you are wondering what that looks like, it’s usually me running around with food on a fork making airplane noises and sputtering about and basically looking like a fool in my kitchen to get this kid to finish his beans and chicken. He does eventually and I’m so happy with him I give him a spoonful of Nutella. He loves it and cries for another. I give him a small second serving because he basically owns me (and he DID eat his dinner).

Bath time is usually given by daddy but this particular day Chris had to coach a Lacrosse game. Ollie is usually very excited about bath time initially,but it takes a good 2 minutes in there till he’s realized he’s done. I’ve got to conjure up energy to distract him with his toy boat and Captain Jack and mommy ducky and Fred the Dinosaur all while trying to scrub every square inch of his body. We are trying to learn “put your head back” but mostly I end up just having to drench him a few times to get the shampoo out of his hair, he’s a pretty good champ about it actually. Of course there is the every other second “sit down” instruction as to avoid a SECOND trip to the ER due to him slipping in the bath. I may have well been in the bath too as I’m somehow drenched.

Time for hair brushing and teeth brushing. Hair brushing isn’t a favorite in our house because of tangles. When it comes time for teeth  brushing he’s on a “do it his own kick” but I’m pretty pleased because I have actually taught him to stick his toothbrush out and get toothpaste, then to put water on it and stick it in his mouth. He mainly sucks on it and I have to pry it away and really brush his teeth for a good few minutes, but then it’s story time.

Story time is the best example of how little focus a toddler has. He brings me Goodnight Moon every night first, like it’s his favorite…I can’t even get “red balloon” out of my mouth (which if you aren’t a parent it’s like the third line) before he’s off to grab another book. Generally I will read aloud three books to myself as it’s apparent that he’s over story time and has moved on to Legos before I grab him, Henry, Giraffe and blankie and put them in bed. I tell him I love him (because I do more than anything) and give him a bunch of kisses. Then I start to close his door but only slowly because I know he’s a bout to go Mmmmm, which is what he does when he wants another kiss. I bust back in the room for a few more smooches and he laughs and the routine continues about 5 or 6x before I call it quits and tell him it’s absolutely, positively night-night.

It’s 8:00pm and it’s my time. I watch tv for an hour or so and then it’s time to do it all over again tomorrow. I crawl in bed and think about how lucky I am to have my little family and how I would l be so lost in this world should anything ever happen to them. What I don’t have is a lot of free time, but what I DO have is a lot of small magical moments that happen throughout the day that add up to one giant relationship that I cant imagine my life without.

On any given weekday that is what our life could look like. Plus or minus a few home projects, errands or obligations. I figure when I’m not posting I might as well convey what is going on behind the scenes, this way no one has to wonder. I know a lot of that sounds like work, but it’s such a beautiful life. I wouldn’t have it an other way.


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Office Space Progress…


So here is the office as it stands now. We are pretty pleased with how it looks with how little time and money we’ve spent on it. Other than some curtains, paint and that stellar pouf I found on Target on MAJOR clearance, we pretty much have used everything we already owned to try and pull something together. Right now we are still using the furniture we bought in college but we were pleasantly surprised by the exact fit of both Ikea Expedit bookshelves side by side, giving the room a sort of “built in” look. Eventually we’d like to move the bookshelves down in the basement to Oliver’s play area and build wood shelving similar to these baby’s!


We’d also love to find a standalone desk, but purchasing new office furniture is low on the priority list. I rounded up any book, organizational bin or sentimental chachki we owned and just spent a Saturday toying around with the décor. It was one of the first rooms in the house to feel “lived in” and I absolutely love the color. Depending on the time of day it can look grey, green or blue. The color is Benjamin Moore, Templeton Gray.

office2 office3

So what’s left on our to-do list?

First up is to replace the cieling light fixture and swapping out the brass door knobs for black levers.  I’m on the hunt for lighting that is natural, some sort of bamboo drum pendant or maybe burlap, but contemporary. Also, we want to put a rug in here (I have a specific one picked out but it’s pricey so we’ll have to save for that), as well as replace the computer chair, purchase or build a barcart, replace the blinds and eventually, the floors. We’ll get it fine tuned eventually, but for now it’s functional and works for us while we tackle other projects around the house.


I’ll keep ya updated as we score some hopeful deals and evolve the space…


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The Office-Before

996cb7eb-b979-4795-a5f7-401abf0630ee_zps2c929bd5 (listing photo)

When I was looking at our home for the first time I was happy to see that it had a designated office. As in, on the main floor, no closet, closed off by french doors. A friend of mine always laughs that we have had an “office” in every house we’ve lived in, as I guess it’s not traditional in the sense that everyone has their laptops these days and is on the go. Or maybe it was humorous because neither of us worked from home or really needed that kind of space. But I always liked having it to pay our bills, surf the internet, blog, etc. and whether it was a bedroom that was turned into an office or a loft space in our most recent town home, it’s nice to continue the tradition in our first home.

There is nothing completely terrifying about the before picture, although there was a lot of mallard decor (note the bird on the ceiling). It had a large window and beautiful french doors already so really all it needed was a fresh coat of paint and some of our own furniture. Phase 1 was to paint the ceiling, trim and walls, replace the outlets and light switches, swap out the door handles and get our own furniture in there.


With that being said, I’ll show some pictures of where the office stands next week! We’ve realized that this house isn’t going to come together in mere months and that there is going to be multiple stages. Right now all our efforts are on on updating the basics. Getting all the rooms painted, replacing hardware and light fixtures, etc. You will see there was a lot of oak in our home, which is typical in the midwest. Unfortunately for us, we are accustomed to white trim and so we’ve had an uphill battle in terms of painting all of it. This house will be a work in progress but what I can show is our “transitional” office. It’s not a finished product by any means but completed enough to be deemed “done” for the time being. I’ll talk more about our future plans next week…

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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The end to Radio Silence


It’s been a good few months since I blogged and I pretty much left you all hanging with the house announcement. In my defense I have been a little at odds with myself when it comes to blogging. It’s time consuming, a lot of energy and consistency is key. But I’ve been reminded by close friends and family that this blog’s intention was always to be a platform to communicate and I’ve missed you guys! I’ve missed sharing and I’ve missed writing.

Therefore, I’ve decided on posting more consistently, but less frequent (if that makes sense). If I don’t commit to having something five days a week I think we will all be better off in the long run. I won’t get burnt out and you won’t get radio silence for months at a time.

So what you’ve missed is that Ollie is HUGE, we are pretty consumed with home ownership (and absolutely loving it), my sister-in-law moved to Minneapolis which has been awesome and the snow officially melted.

You can expect interior design to be a topic on repeat, hopefully some of it will be inspiring, some of it will surely be laughable and all of it will be a learning process (for us both.)

Thanks again for those of you that have waited patiently and kept checking back, it means a lot. Feels good to be back. More to come!






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A House to Call Our Home!

unnamed Tuesday we closed on our very first home! It was surreal in that becoming a home owner has been a long time dream of mine. Even though I’ve always made the effort to make any house we’ve lived in comfortable and our own, it won’t compare to the amount of freedom we will have to invest in all the little touches that will make this one, truly ours.  After what felt like an eternity of searching we found what we like to think of as the trifecta in terms of location. It is still within our desired area of Maple Grove, the neighborhood sits across the street from one of the best elementary schools in the state and we have beach/lake access within a quarter mile walk that will be amazing come summer time. In terms of the house itself we did make some sacrifices to be in the neighborhood we are in. We are tree people, what can I say? At the end of the day we felt we could always make updates, but the neighborhood feel that can only come with an established development is something we couldn’t give up. We are still twenty minutes from downtown Minneapolis and it has all the character details that were really important to us, like bay windows in the bedrooms, loads of French doors throughout and a ton of natural light. I’m actually looking forward to painting and replacing aspects of this home that truly reflect our taste and personality, and grateful that it’s not upgrades we can’t handle. Above all else we have a home for Ollie where he can make his childhood memories-nothing feels sweeter!

I know I’ve been a bad blogger but I do appreciate your messages and the readers that check back frequently. We move in next weekend and from there I plan on getting back into my weekly routine of posting (with hopeful decorating updates!)-thanks for hangin’ in there!


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Spring Slush

Stripes Is it too early to bust out the white blazer?! If so I don’t care! March has hit and the slush in Minneapolis is finally starting to melt. I felt like a kid on Christmas when the temps reached almost 50 this past weekend, and it got me thinking about a few other spring items on my wishlist. Below are just a few of the staples that I think will be great go-to’s for the upcoming season, ALL from Topshop and ALL surprisingly affordable.

springagain 1 | 2 | 3| 4| 5| 6| 7| 8| 9


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Friday LInks

Fridaylinks copy It’s been a few weeks since I was able to post a Friday links series, but in an effort to get back in the swing of things I hope these four inspirational links will get you in a good mood for the weekend! We have minimal plans, which I’m grateful for and mostly I’m just looking forward to getting in some much needed sleep. Hope you all have a fantastic few days off!

Closet-Short Overalls are back and will be one of the best purchases to yourself for the upcoming weather shift. I love overalls and how they are an effortless outfit but convey such a casual vibe. Trust me when I say run out and get yourself a pair!

Palette-Dreaming of warmer weather over here I can’t help but think about all the delicious treats that come along with it. Popsicle’s for one and when I saw that these were keylime it stopped me dead in my tracks. That graham cracker crust and tart filling always has a special place in my heart. I’m thinking of doing a Popsicle series for the summer months, so keep a look out for that!

Kiddo-While I’ve been dreaming of warmer weather, it has hardly hit Minneapolis. We have more snow that I know what to do with this year and when I came across this activity for kids, I thought I better bookmark it! Ollie may be a bit too young to enjoy it this year but I don’t want to forget about this little gem.

Space-I have fallen in love with the Chinese Chippendale chair. It’s so chic and I can’t wait to hunt one down for a little “me” space when we move into a new home. Taking up a small corner, a parsons desk and mini gallery wall of favorite prints and photos would surely help keep me motivated to spend more time on the blog!


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Chicago Bound

Chicago copy In a little over a week I will be Chicago bound to spend a few days with one of my best friends to explore a city that has been on my bucket list of places to visit for nearly a decade. With the close proximity to Minneapolis, we are finally making our trip happen and sans husband and kids. While our boys will be missed it has been forever since I have had a few days to do nothing but eat delicious food, sleep in and explore a city with nothing but our own plans to fulfill. I already know we’ll be visiting “the bean” and Willis Tower, biting into my very first deep dish pizza and sipping cocktails at the Terrace at Trump, but I’m dying to know what other hidden gems we should know about? I would love your recommendations!



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Home Styles: Marble & How to Decorate with It

Marble Whether it’s a kitchen utensil holder, a table top or an entire bathroom, lately I have been crushing hard on Marble. It seems to offer a timeless feel, but the one thing you have to watch is not to overdo it. (This rule is one I need to remember to abide by!) There are lots of ways you can incorporate Marble in your home decor even if you can’t justify the money to use a slab of it for kitchen counter tops. Here are a few inspirational images on the endless opportunities to use the desirable material.

596435bd42f2095e73b90f206d770ded c57b60f0e6d9767defe5f15cfbbc0d8c 80ada2841413a30075b54eedb424cac1 holders1




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