One Room Challenge: Week 3, 4, 5

    How is it even possible that three weeks have flown by since my last bathroom update? I’m here to tell you that we have made very little progress in our current remodeling situation. Here’s the deal…

    Chris is using his very little free time to pull up our existing floors which consist of  laminate, tile and carpet and installing brand new hardwoods. That’s the good news. The bad news is that his free time is pretty nonexistent during the week and we as a couple can only make so many strides with two kids running around on the weekends. Plus, we need our down time too and thus our days to gain momentum on our projects are limited. (If you are wondering what new floors has to do with the bathroom it’s that we can’t lay the new floors in the bathroom till it’s painted and getting to that point has been a struggle, clearly.)


    The current state of the bathroom looks pretty similar to weeks 1 and 2. We have patched and sanded and patched and sanded and patched AGAIN and sanded and right now it looks like it’s been caked in white flour from the aforementioned sanding. While we have been doing things, it’s not interesting things and it’s definitely not producing any blog worthy images to share.



    I recently got back from a long weekend in LA visiting my sister and Indianapolis for a work trip. Chris was playing super dad all last week and wasn’t able to do much work on projects outside of taking care of the two kiddos. He has a lacrosse tournament this weekend which again leaves us with zero time to put towards renovating. This just sounds like a bunch of disappointing news, but I’ve made my peace with it.

    I don’t generally operate well when our space is in chaos so we have officially declared the weekend of May 13th the weekend we will not make any plans. We will not fall victim to the appeal of warm weather, the need to rejuvenate or the demands of laundry, the weekend of May 13th is the weekend we WORK and get stuff done. It just happens to be Mother’s Day weekend (lucky me!) but frankly at this point there is nothing I want more than our house back together. The new vanity has arrived as well as the faucet which is just perfect. It’s always hard when you order things online but the color of the hardware is exactly what I wanted. The lighting I picked out is on back order, so I’m working with the company on when that can be shipped. Kinda a bummer, but the Minted art is on it’s way and and we are so close to painting I can almost smell the fumes.


    So look for a post or two, in the next week or so (how’s that for commitment?) regarding things NOT related to our bathroom and while the one-room challenge is ending next week, my one-room challenge will continue till we can get it done, such is life!


    One Room Challenge: Week 1 and 2

    I’m a big time follower of the blog Chris loves Julia. I think everything they do is gorgeous, obtainable and sophisticated while their designs are truly functional for a family, which is obviously important to me as well. Right now they are participating in the one-room challenge and I’ve decided to join them in an effort to keep our own current bathroom remodel on track and document the experience!

    The one-room challenge is already well underway in it’s third week so I’m playing a bit of catch up here. I’m going to combine the first two weeks into one post and hopefully get the third out by Sunday. Here is our design plan for the powder room as well as some before photos and progress shots. Enjoy!

    Bathroom Renovation Mood Board

    For our one-room challenge we are going to remodel our main floor powder room. This room is right off the entryway from the garage and is the first of many bathrooms we would like to tackle in our home. We wanted to renovate this bathroom for two reasons. First, we are in the process of redoing our floors on the main level and that would include the bathroom, so it made sense while we were tearing things up we might as well give the space a little facelift. Second, I think it’s a nice way to ease into bathroom remodeling since let’s face it, it’s only a toilet and a vanity we are dealing with. Plumbers we are not and Saturday night was spent driving back and forth to our local Home Depot store in search of the perfect valve. We are most likely going to need all six weeks.

    Our house was built in 1996, so when we choose to replace fixtures I try to be realistic in what will look good in our particular home. I love the look of chrome but I was afraid that something so shiny might stick out like a sore thumb against the rest of the materials in our home. Brass is making a comeback these days but I didn’t want to go full throttle on that since it could be a trend. Antique brass however has a timeless feel and complements the oak tones that run throughout the house. I had a hard time picking a vanity but I really love how the marble top in the above mood board has a buttery cream color scheme. I thought I’d try my hand and mixing metals in this particular bathroom, so we’ll probably keep the knobs brushed nickel. We are painting the walls Benjamin Moore “hazy skies” and hopefully implementing some horizontal “ship-lap” to give the space some texture.

    bathroom before_final

    So let’s talk about this bathroom for a second shall we? This is one of the few rooms we have done absolutely nothing to since moving in. We didn’t even paint (and we also left the oak trim on the baseboards which was sheer laziness on our part, even though it’s been conquered and converted to white in every other space in the house. I did buy some towels from world market (fancy right?), added some soap and that’s about it. The one thing this bathroom had going for it was the cutest pocket door. That and the mirror, which full disclosure, I may end up keeping in place of the one shown on the mood board above. It will be a game-time decision. This picture make me laugh because…toilet paper roll placement.


    Needless to say this is not the nicest room in our house and honestly it is probably more deserving of some TLC in relation to other areas based on the fact that it’s the restroom our guests use when the are over and it’s exposure being on the main level of the house.


    Over Easter weekend we demoed the bathroom and I’m happy to report that we not only removed the toilet and existing vanity, but the floors as well. The first step of this process is creating a blank slate and now that we’ve done that we have the fantastic chore of patching up the drywall and sanding! The plan is to get paint on the walls by end of week so that we can start on the wall treatment we plan on doing by the weekend. Wish us luck!

    Mood board details: Lighting, Art 1 and 2, Mirror, Paint color, Faucet, Vanity, Storage Baskets

    A Nearly Perfect Day.


    Today was a near perfect day. I say “near perfect” because we all know an absolutely perfect day just doesn’t exist, but this one came so close I felt the need to document it. Now, I’m going to run through what made this day the near perfect day, but full disclosure, it’s going to seem pretty mundane to you.

    First off, my loving and perceptive husband had been sensing my frustration around failing to get to work at a respectable hour and offered to drive the kids to school, enabling me to get in early and save face among my co-workers. Thank you Chris!  Arriving bright-eyed and ready to hit the ground running really paid off because it was a productive day. I’ve been back at work now for about four months and I can honestly say once I settled the mom guilt of ENJOYING being back at work, it’s been a fulfilling transition that has left my family in a really good, happy place. I have nothing but mad respect for the mom’s who stay home to raise their children, but I just don’t think I was cut out to be one of them. I’m much more productive, patient and sane as a working mom and I’m pretty sure everyone in my household appreciates me staying sane.

    Since I got to the office early it allowed me to leave a little earlier as well and since Chris was also on pick-up duty I was free to get home and squeeze in a work-out. A glorious 1 hour of time at my house with no one else around (to spy on the fact I was simultaneously watching the Kardashians. I know, it’s terrible but I can’t help myself!) Clocking in some exercise also gave me the second wind to make a nice dinner for my family, where Oliver ate his salad and did not complain(!!) and give bath’s while Chris did dishes. To top things off, in a harmonious turn of events the kids went down easy without the usual bedtime battles and it left me with more mom time to read this post by one of my most favorite bloggers, and inspired me to write the very post you are reading.

    So this nearly perfect day sounds super lame I’m sure, but it was just one of those days where my family was firing on all cylinders, everyone doing their part to make all lives easier and the vibe around the place was just peachy. We are at the cornerstone of spring here in Minnesota and when it’s light after 7:00 pm, all are in good moods. There was tons of laughter around the dinner table and very cooperative children, which almost never happens.

    It also gave me some hope that we are slipping into a groove where I can pay some attention to the blog, where I have come to continually tease with content and then promptly ignore.

    Hope you all have a wonderful week!





    A Sophisticated Playroom


    Every once in a while I stumble upon an interior that I feel I just need to share. Sandra Funk, founder and principal designer of “House of Funk” has just created one of the chicest playrooms that I’ve come across. First of all, it’s moody and I like a good moody room. But also, I love how she created a space that will adapt to the growing needs of a tween, all while creating a space that adults can enjoy as well. Get the full run down on her inspiration and top tips on designing a space for kiddos on one of my favorite sites, Rue Daily.




    The Baby Cubby


    As a mom it can be really overwhelming sorting through the multiple categories of baby necessities and figuring out which product to actually purchase. I know most moms out there can agree that we are flooded with information and product choices on a daily basis and each one of the advertising techniques is geared to tug at our heart strings and play on the fact that we are ALL just looking to buy the safest, best products that we can afford for our kiddos. I’ve recently been introduced to The Baby Cubby and after clocking a few hours perusing their site, I’m excited to say that not only do they carry some super cute stuff (and I’m picky!) but they also help narrow down which products out there are of the utmost quality-and they price match. Upon this revelation I felt it was my duty to share this resource with all of you.

    At The Baby Cubby they spend hundreds of hours researching the best products, which is convenient for me as I don’t have the time do that myself. They also carry a wide range of products, from breast pumping necessities to nursery decor so it’s easy to make it a one stop shop.

    I honestly found their product selection to be cutting-edge, with innovative and fresh takes on all things baby. Therefore, I wanted to share it with all of you modern mamas out there as a resource to add to your list of convenient shopping sites!

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    Friday Links // Halloween Edition


    It is once again my favorite time of year, Halloween weekend! I love this holiday for all it’s spookiness and obvious treats but even more so since moving into our house a few years ago. We have a great neighborhood for all our kids to trick or treat and the fact that their parents are the best neighbors makes things even better.

    This weeks’ posting on the blog was fairly lame. It felt like a busier week than normal, filled with play dates, taking care of some mundane tasks including visiting the DMV and we are all at the tail end of colds. Next week I hope to share some fun additions to your Thanksgiving table, along with how we have finally hung some family photos throughout the house, and the impact it has made.

    Hope you all have a great weekend!

    Closet-I love when festive wear can be chic. Interior Designer, Jillian Harris does it right with this skeleton sweater. I love that it’s not loud with a bright orange hue. It’s understated ya know…with bedazzle.

    Palette-I’m all in favor of signature cocktails…at a wedding, party, toddler birthday etc. (I’m only half kidding of being in favor of alcohol at children’s birthday’s). The best recipes in my opinion are minimal ingredients with some creative flair to mimic the event. I love this Black Magic Punch for Halloween get- togethers!

    Kiddo-I’ve seen Halloween candy houses popping up here and there and I am in favor of expanding on the Christmas gingerbread tradition. Why limit these delectable house crafting activities to just one holiday? Where are the St. Patrick’s Day houses? Valentine’s? They should seriously consider one for when Daylight Savings stops, because that’s around the time my binge holiday eating starts.

    Space-Love this modern take on Halloween party decorating with black and white and only a hint of orange and yellow. It looks super sharp and bright. We will probably follow this color palette for our upcoming Halloween pizza party.

    Work it Out


    With Stella already three months, it’s dawned on me that I could probably beef up my exercise regimen as I’m more than in the clear to start pushing myself in my work-outs postpartum. It’s going to take everything in my motivation arsenal to get back on track and to amp up the energy. Taking care of two little kiddos is an exhausting undertaking, but I am a firm believer in the benefits of working out, one of which is more pep in your step and a clear mind. Two things that are invaluable with dealing with the multi-tasking habits of the everyday woman. While the idea of rock hard abs doesn’t always do the trick, a good playlist and some new workout active-wear sure do help kick start things for me. Below is a playlist with some old school (it’s an eclectic mix folks, you’ve been warned) and some new tune-age, as well as some fun new pieces I’d love to add to my wardrobe.



    01. Gold, Kiiara

    02. Still Fly, Big Timers

    03. Run This Town, Jay-Z

    04. Can’t Hold Us Down, Macklemore

    05. The Monster, Eminem/Rihanna

    06. Don’t You Worry Child, Swedish House Mafia

    07. Open Heart, Morgan Page

    08. Fight For You, Morgan Page

    09. Don’t Let Me Down, Chainsmokers

    10. Chandelier, Sia

    Image Borrowed

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