February Musings

    It’s February guys…well hell, it’s the last week of February but still the dead of winter nonetheless. In Minneapolis it’s a tough month, a month of trudging through the coldest of temps and just setting our sights on daylight saving time, the very first hint of the season clicking towards spring. It has been a very busy month for me at work, I’ve certainly been burning the midnight oil and feeling like these cold dark days are just one repetitive blur. Still, I started this year with the desire to be more intentional with everything I do, this includes harnessing my thoughts and seeing the silver lining and any other optimistic cliche you really want to throw out there…

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    2018 House Hit List

    January and February have historically been my least favorite months. I love defining resolutions and the vibe of a fresh, clean slate but for whatever reason I always find myself in a funk at the beginning of the year. Maybe it’s the holiday’s being over and the fact that in Minnesota the idea of spring is still so very, very far away….but the first two months of the year are always a struggle.

    This year however, I have not felt that way. I think our Mexico trip over the new year probably had something to do with that, but I also just feel really good about our plans for 2018 and I am focused. If you are a long time reader of WTW then you know we purchased a home built in the late nineties, which means it’s old enough to be outdated but new enough for it to not have any real character. I say it all the time but it has good bones, which is why I was attracted to it, really pretty curb appeal and was very solidly built. At times I have been impatient with the progress we’ve made but after looking back at some old photos over Christmas, I realized we have made monumental strides and that I should really enjoy the process versus trying to rush to the finish.

    We have made almost every cosmetic update we can at this point and it’s time to really sink our teeth into some of the larger renovation projects, i.e. the kitchen and bathrooms. I’m happy to say that one of those larger bucket list items was replacing our laminate and carpet floors on the main level with beautiful new hardwoods. Chris did this on his own and while it was a painstakingly process, that was probably poorly timed by us, they turned out beautiful.

    It’s going to take us time to plan, save and execute on our largest project planned to-date, a kitchen remodel targeted for June 2019. Because of that, 2018 is the year for a ton of smaller little projects that I have been completely ignoring, but I think with some attention will really have some impact.

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    A Week in Mexico


    I recently returned home from a week long Mexican vacation and let…me… just… say…, I needed that break. It had been five plus years since my husband and I had gone on a truly relaxing vacation. If anyone is doing the math, it was pre-kids. We are not that couple that was timid about leaving our children, it was completely circumstantial. We moved to Minneapolis when I was pregnant with Oliver and then purchased our first home, which we’ve been updating relentlessly ever since. Then came Stella and poof, it’s been five years since we were able to sleep in, have a conversation that wasn’t about packing lunches or paying bills, and actually feel like a kid again ourselves. While I pride myself on having a decent eye for taking photos there is literally no wrong way to capture paradise. I dug through my numerous photos of sunsets and ocean waves and decided to share some of my favorites here!

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    A Familiar Tune for 2018

    About Me

    Without fail around this time of year I always circle back to this blog and question how to move forward with it. I am one who loves a start to a fresh, new year and always find myself reinvigorated to get back to blogging in the month of January. Without looking back I can tell you that in 2017 I posted less times than I can count on one hand, which is probably the biggest indicator of my lack of available time for this little space I created more than 5 years ago. Five years! That’s nuts.

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    One Room Challenge: Week 3, 4, 5

    How is it even possible that three weeks have flown by since my last bathroom update? I’m here to tell you that we have made very little progress in our current remodeling situation. Here’s the deal…

    Chris is using his very little free time to pull up our existing floors which consist of  laminate, tile and carpet and installing brand new hardwoods. That’s the good news. The bad news is that his free time is pretty nonexistent during the week and we as a couple can only make so many strides with two kids running around on the weekends. Plus, we need our down time too and thus our days to gain momentum on our projects are limited. (If you are wondering what new floors has to do with the bathroom it’s that we can’t lay the new floors in the bathroom till it’s painted and getting to that point has been a struggle, clearly.)


    The current state of the bathroom looks pretty similar to weeks 1 and 2. We have patched and sanded and patched and sanded and patched AGAIN and sanded and right now it looks like it’s been caked in white flour from the aforementioned sanding. While we have been doing things, it’s not interesting things and it’s definitely not producing any blog worthy images to share.

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    One Room Challenge: Week 1 and 2

    I’m a big time follower of the blog Chris loves Julia. I think everything they do is gorgeous, obtainable and sophisticated while their designs are truly functional for a family, which is obviously important to me as well. Right now they are participating in the one-room challenge and I’ve decided to join them in an effort to keep our own current bathroom remodel on track and document the experience!

    The one-room challenge is already well underway in it’s third week so I’m playing a bit of catch up here. I’m going to combine the first two weeks into one post and hopefully get the third out by Sunday. Here is our design plan for the powder room as well as some before photos and progress shots. Enjoy!

    Bathroom Renovation Mood Board

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    A Nearly Perfect Day.


    Today was a near perfect day. I say “near perfect” because we all know an absolutely perfect day just doesn’t exist, but this one came so close I felt the need to document it. Now, I’m going to run through what made this day the near perfect day, but full disclosure, it’s going to seem pretty mundane to you.

    First off, my loving and perceptive husband had been sensing my frustration around failing to get to work at a respectable hour and offered to drive the kids to school, enabling me to get in early and save face among my co-workers. Thank you Chris!  Arriving bright-eyed and ready to hit the ground running really paid off because it was a productive day. I’ve been back at work now for about four months and I can honestly say once I settled the mom guilt of ENJOYING being back at work, it’s been a fulfilling transition that has left my family in a really good, happy place. I have nothing but mad respect for the mom’s who stay home to raise their children, but I just don’t think I was cut out to be one of them. I’m much more productive, patient and sane as a working mom and I’m pretty sure everyone in my household appreciates me staying sane.

    Since I got to the office early it allowed me to leave a little earlier as well and since Chris was also on pick-up duty I was free to get home and squeeze in a work-out. A glorious 1 hour of time at my house with no one else around (to spy on the fact I was simultaneously watching the Kardashians. I know, it’s terrible but I can’t help myself!) Clocking in some exercise also gave me the second wind to make a nice dinner for my family, where Oliver ate his salad and did not complain(!!) and give bath’s while Chris did dishes. To top things off, in a harmonious turn of events the kids went down easy without the usual bedtime battles and it left me with more mom time to read this post by one of my most favorite bloggers, and inspired me to write the very post you are reading.

    So this nearly perfect day sounds super lame I’m sure, but it was just one of those days where my family was firing on all cylinders, everyone doing their part to make all lives easier and the vibe around the place was just peachy. We are at the cornerstone of spring here in Minnesota and when it’s light after 7:00 pm, all are in good moods. There was tons of laughter around the dinner table and very cooperative children, which almost never happens.

    It also gave me some hope that we are slipping into a groove where I can pay some attention to the blog, where I have come to continually tease with content and then promptly ignore.

    Hope you all have a wonderful week!