A House to Call Our Home!

unnamed Tuesday we closed on our very first home! It was surreal in that becoming a home owner has been a long time dream of mine. Even though I’ve always made the effort to make any house we’ve lived in comfortable and our own, it won’t compare to the amount of freedom we will have to invest in all the little touches that will make this one, truly ours.  After what felt like an eternity of searching we found what we like to think of as the trifecta in terms of location. It is still within our desired area of Maple Grove, the neighborhood sits across the street from one of the best elementary schools in the state and we have beach/lake access within a quarter mile walk that will be amazing come summer time. In terms of the house itself we did make some sacrifices to be in the neighborhood we are in. We are tree people, what can I say? At the end of the day we felt we could always make updates, but the neighborhood feel that can only come with an established development is something we couldn’t give up. We are still twenty minutes from downtown Minneapolis and it has all the character details that were really important to us, like bay windows in the bedrooms, loads of French doors throughout and a ton of natural light. I’m actually looking forward to painting and replacing aspects of this home that truly reflect our taste and personality, and grateful that it’s not upgrades we can’t handle. Above all else we have a home for Ollie where he can make his childhood memories-nothing feels sweeter!

I know I’ve been a bad blogger but I do appreciate your messages and the readers that check back frequently. We move in next weekend and from there I plan on getting back into my weekly routine of posting (with hopeful decorating updates!)-thanks for hangin’ in there!


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Spring Slush

Stripes Is it too early to bust out the white blazer?! If so I don’t care! March has hit and the slush in Minneapolis is finally starting to melt. I felt like a kid on Christmas when the temps reached almost 50 this past weekend, and it got me thinking about a few other spring items on my wishlist. Below are just a few of the staples that I think will be great go-to’s for the upcoming season, ALL from Topshop and ALL surprisingly affordable.

springagain 1 | 2 | 3| 4| 5| 6| 7| 8| 9


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Friday LInks

Fridaylinks copy It’s been a few weeks since I was able to post a Friday links series, but in an effort to get back in the swing of things I hope these four inspirational links will get you in a good mood for the weekend! We have minimal plans, which I’m grateful for and mostly I’m just looking forward to getting in some much needed sleep. Hope you all have a fantastic few days off!

Closet-Short Overalls are back and will be one of the best purchases to yourself for the upcoming weather shift. I love overalls and how they are an effortless outfit but convey such a casual vibe. Trust me when I say run out and get yourself a pair!

Palette-Dreaming of warmer weather over here I can’t help but think about all the delicious treats that come along with it. Popsicle’s for one and when I saw that these were keylime it stopped me dead in my tracks. That graham cracker crust and tart filling always has a special place in my heart. I’m thinking of doing a Popsicle series for the summer months, so keep a look out for that!

Kiddo-While I’ve been dreaming of warmer weather, it has hardly hit Minneapolis. We have more snow that I know what to do with this year and when I came across this activity for kids, I thought I better bookmark it! Ollie may be a bit too young to enjoy it this year but I don’t want to forget about this little gem.

Space-I have fallen in love with the Chinese Chippendale chair. It’s so chic and I can’t wait to hunt one down for a little “me” space when we move into a new home. Taking up a small corner, a parsons desk and mini gallery wall of favorite prints and photos would surely help keep me motivated to spend more time on the blog!


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Chicago Bound

Chicago copy In a little over a week I will be Chicago bound to spend a few days with one of my best friends to explore a city that has been on my bucket list of places to visit for nearly a decade. With the close proximity to Minneapolis, we are finally making our trip happen and sans husband and kids. While our boys will be missed it has been forever since I have had a few days to do nothing but eat delicious food, sleep in and explore a city with nothing but our own plans to fulfill. I already know we’ll be visiting “the bean” and Willis Tower, biting into my very first deep dish pizza and sipping cocktails at the Terrace at Trump, but I’m dying to know what other hidden gems we should know about? I would love your recommendations!



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Home Styles: Marble & How to Decorate with It

Marble Whether it’s a kitchen utensil holder, a table top or an entire bathroom, lately I have been crushing hard on Marble. It seems to offer a timeless feel, but the one thing you have to watch is not to overdo it. (This rule is one I need to remember to abide by!) There are lots of ways you can incorporate Marble in your home decor even if you can’t justify the money to use a slab of it for kitchen counter tops. Here are a few inspirational images on the endless opportunities to use the desirable material.

596435bd42f2095e73b90f206d770ded c57b60f0e6d9767defe5f15cfbbc0d8c 80ada2841413a30075b54eedb424cac1 holders1




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Resume Tips: 101

Resume After being asked to help numerous friends and family members with their resumes, I thought it might be helpful to do a post on my process, as it has always seemed to work pretty well for me. With the digital age it seems like once we push that “submit” button to upload our online application it seems as if whatever we have just sent joins the ranks of about 10,000 other, similar and qualified candidate pleas. So how does your resume stand out? Here are a few of my tips on giving your resume the best shot possible.

1. Keep It Simple. Recruiters and HR professionals see tons of resumes daily, so you can imagine that their eyes can tend to gloss over lengthy and crowded submissions. I think a lot of people fall into the trap that more is better, or that they feel that if they don’t have tons of information, they might not be qualified. I generally steer people away from this and tell them to strip down their experience to the most relevant information, specific to the job in which you are applying.

2. Use Buzz Words. Often times when a recruiter is looking at resumes they will pick up on key words, that will entice them to read further. (Hint: To find out what key words they may want to see, go back to the job description itself.) Often times I find that job description can serve as a roadmap for what they are looking for. My resume foundation stays the same but I do switch up my skill set and qualifications for each job I’m applying for (within reason). For example if I am noticing the job description is requesting vast knowledge in social media, I will play up my qualifications for digital marketing in that realm. If they are looking for someone that has a lot of event planning experience, I will switch gears and convey more of that skillset. Slight adjustments to tailor your resume to the job summary is a great way for recruiters to see an instant match and call you for an interview. Remember that when keeping things short (5-6 bullets maximum for each job description) it is that much more important to highlight your relevant background to the actual position.

3. Give Yourself Credit. When describing your qualifications make sure you are using vocabulary that conveys some decision making and leadership skills. You want to be careful not to take too much credit if you were part of an overall objective with a team but I try and shy away from words like “assist” and instead think of projects where I “managed” or “executed” deliverables on my own. An employer wants to know that you don’t have to be hand held and that you are bringing something to the table with your experience. As I’ve grown further into my career I realize it’s less about demonstrating your ability to follow tasks and more about thinking outside of the box and contributing your own ideas.

4. Research similar job descriptions. Stumped on all that you have accomplished at your current role? Google your position title and see what job descriptions come up. It will spark your memory on tasks and objectives that you can tout about yourself. It’s so easy to start to take for granted the contribution you make because it starts to feel like second nature. It can be even harder to put responsibilities into one bulleted line item. Refrain from stealing online posted material, but use it as a guide to realize how much you actually do in your day to day tasks and how to best eloquently get your experience across efficiently. (Hint: I actually keep copies of all my job postings for current roles, it has proven to help me when I am updating my resume later on.) If you weren’t able to think ahead, you can always ask your human resources manager for your company job description, there are a multitude of reasons why you might want it so it doesn’t always have to be a tip-off that you are job hunting.

5. Presentation is Everything. When you are done tweaking your resume it is very important to submit it as a PDF. I think there are some people out there that still feel that sending a Word document is appropriate with their resume and cover letter (which by the way, you ALWAYS need a cover letter.) But think of all the grammar notifications you get on a Word Document, vs. the clean, stream-lined look you get when you open a PDF. It looks polished and thought out and everyone appreciates that.


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Faux Trendy


I’m sure you all have noticed that amount of faux fur that seems to be hitting the streets these days. I’m never really one to jump right on a trend. I am more the type to sit back and wait and then pull the trigger at the end of it’s rope. I believe in classics and staples but every once in a while I have to force myself to put in more effort, especially when I have a one year old running around. Ironically I have had this vest for years from Old Navy. Between the time I bought it and now I have not worn it once. It has literally sat in my closet and truth be told I only purchased it because when I threw it on one night while with a friend I had a few drinks in me, and I felt very Kate Hudson from “Almost Famous.” Never shop with a buzz. It must have been a fluke but since I can’t seem to wear a hefty fuller length version, this mini version suits me just fine and coincidentally I live in Minnesota now where faux fur just seems like the right choice. Here are my three ways of working a trend without feeling completely out of my comfort zone:

1. Downplay everything else. Sometimes too many trends at one time is just a mess. In order to feel comfortable in this vest I paired it with my good ol’ worn in jeans, booties that I’m sure everyone is tired of seeing and a baseball tee that could not be more comfortable.

2. Half-way commit. Regarding most things in life, 100% effort is probably key. But when it comes to branching out of your comfort zone, small steps are OK. I really can’t pull off a “Game of Thrones” type faux fur situation, for one thing I would feel ridiculous, for another I’m so short that it would be over powering. So this playful patch of fur is just the right amount for me.

3. Give yourself an Out. With the intense texture that the fur provides I chose to keep the color palette and other clothing materials transitional. This also provides a nice “escape plan” should I actually get out to the grocery store and realize I’m not ready to fully invest.

Fur 5558eac8-1dd2-4d05-a8d8-172dea056cf5_zps7da5f804 e8267fa0-431b-46c8-bc0c-fc96caae6b0f_zps661b8e38


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Ladies Game Night

It is my dream to host game nights once my husband and I get settled in our new house. I imagine that there will be plenty of nights when I’ll have to entertain both men and women, but I’m most excited about hosting more “girl” nights with my friends. I’m not sure when the last time was that we all threw on our heels and went out for cocktails, but somehow gathering at one of our homes for a silly game night—or just for nothing in particular—is just as thrilling these days. It got me wondering what kind of games people are playing now for fun. I’m pretty sure that if I asked my friends to come over and play charades, they’d think that I was out-of-touch. Here are a few ideas I’ve run across, so feel free to tell me what you think or leave suggestions!

Texas Hold’em. The poker/Texas hold ‘em craze is still a thing, right? Even if you don’t think so, I still think the game is a classic and that everyone should at least know some poker basics. If I invited all the ladies over to the house for poker night, it would save us the trouble of having to go out to find some smoky, sketchy poker tavern where we’d have to hear bad pick-up lines alluding to strip poker. No thanks! A couple of cheap card decks and some dry martinis in the comfort of my own home sounds much more appealing. With everything going digital these days I stumbled upon Betfair’s poker site, where we could just as easily play online. I see a display of iPads in our future getting multiple games going! Now to think about snacks…


Cards Against Humanity. I’ve heard a lot about this card game, have seen people playing at it at parties, but I’ve never actually played it myself. The deck is fairly inexpensive ($25) for the amount of cards that you get, and they even offer sets of expansion cards for just 10 bucks more. The idea of the game is basically to see who can come up with the most deranged sentence combinations from the provided phrases on the cards. Knowing my friends, I can only imagine the craziness that this game will bring out in everyone–especially after a few glasses of wine.


Wine & Vines-I’ve just made this one up, but I think you can guess where it’s going. But first, let me let you into my thinking process.  I originally wanted to name this one “My Wine and Men’s ‘Zines,” because what would be more fun than the ladies bringing over a couple of bottles of their favorite wines along with any of the most outrageous men’s magazines like Maxim, so that we can all make fun of what men think we like. Then, I thought, “let’s go easy on the guys, and make this about just us.” That’s where the Vine idea came into play. Drink wine and make Vines of each other. All night.  But for our eyes only, of course—unless we make a really funny one that could make us internet famous.


Or there’s always movie night.  In the end, I think I’m just happy to be around friends!



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Change Preceded by Chaos


Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a week since I last posted! The last few weeks have been filled with monstrous chaos. Chris was overseas on a business trip for almost two weeks and so it was me + Ollie + Daisy and a whole heck of a lot of responsibilities to take care of. Sometimes there just isn’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything on my “to do” list and subsequently that can mean this here blog gets a little neglected. Oliver had his very first birthday party (pics to come!) and we were enjoying family being under our roof for once. There has also been some rather exciting news in the works that I can’t wait to share next month! Needless to say, it hasn’t been a typical month for this household and I’m looking forward to returning back to our normal routine. Thanks for hanging in there while I catch my breath, hope you all are having good weeks!


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Winter Flannel

24ee0339-1524-4e98-b29f-46ac76ad3bde_zpseb7e7e41 F21 Flannel (similar here), Gap Cords (on sale!), Target Booties, Target Beanie, Madewell Sunglasses

I feel like it’s not the midwest in February if you aren’t rockin’ a flannel. Lately this has been my “I don’t care” cold weather outfit. I’ve lost the drive to try and pull together an outfit in this awful beating of a winter we are having so therefore I am gravitating to functional and comfortable. Thankfully accessories do a small part in separating me from the lumberjacks of the world, but doesn’t everyone love a good flannel?? Timeless.


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